Monday 22 February 2021

Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Drive Banking Engagements and Trust with Customers and Members, and Identify New Opportunities for Products and Services

With automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) capabilities, banks and credit unions have an opportunity to leverage data for practical, strategic decision making…

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Thursday 4 February 2021

Digital Banking Security: Ensuring a Secure User Journey for Online, Mobile and Digital Banking in the Wake of COVID-19

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that fraudsters have noticed we manage more of our daily lives electronically. This poses a massive threat to…

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Wednesday 13 January 2021

Automated Document Classification: Let Your EIM Solution Work for You

Automation drives efficiency, which translates into faster access to information, and ultimately enables better services. With so many unknowns today, standing out by delivering value…

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Wednesday 6 January 2021

2020 Takeaways for Better Banking Relationships and Services

Last year's unprecedented times helped shape today's banking market. We've highlighted 4 key banking trends for financial institutions if they want to maintain, and grow…

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Monday 7 December 2020

A Walk Through the FI: Unique Workflows Don’t Have to be Complicated

Workflows are unique to each process and institution, but the automation potential can be felt throughout the organization, regardless of the department. With new “Event…

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Tuesday 1 December 2020

Overworked and Underpaid: The Importance of Keeping the SMB Banking Strategy Close

Money is a renewable resource, but time isn’t. Ask a small-to-medium sized business (SMB) owner, and they’re likely short of both. Banks and credit unions…

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Tuesday 10 November 2020

A Lending Audit Doesn’t Have to be Painful for your Bank or Credit Union

Fair and equitable lending practices play an important role in our society, and the market is bursting with regulated risk areas. Intuitive product designs and…

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Friday 2 October 2020

AWARE: Centralized Data Analytics and Actionable Insights at your Bank or Credit Union

Data is said to be an organization's greatest asset and when readily available and shareable across the FI, planning improves from ideation to execution. Turn…

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Tuesday 8 September 2020

Part 2: Small Business Digital Banking. Traditional Banks vs. Fintechs and the Jobs to be Done

As I alluded to in my last blog, small business advertisements across banks and credit unions showcase a universal theme centered around dollar amounts…

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