Self-Service Conveniences
for Business Account Holders

The gold standard for merchant and business remote capture is feature-rich, easy-to-deposit solutions. This includes desktop and web-based management, quick deployment, multiple scanner integrations, and support for multiple locations and accounts. Alogent’s enterprise capture solutions manage it all with ease and provide fast, flexible reporting and exports.

Cost Effective and Easy to Use

Offer your business account holders the convenience of banking outside of traditional branch hours. By streamlining check deposits and better managing receivables, they'll also save on the associated overhead costs and courier fees. 

  • Convenience of making deposits from the office or storefront
  • Enable fast access to funds  
  • Consolidate deposits from all remote locations into one financial institution
  • Perform check fraud at the point of presentment
  • Reduce overhead costs associated with preparing checks for deposit and courier fees

Alogent’s integrated capture solutions manage it all with ease and provide fast, flexible reporting.

Merchant Capture

Remove Boundaries and Limitations

Mobile deposit is the gold standard for consumer mobile banking, and a favorite for small businesses. Mid-size and larger businesses need the added features of desktop (web-based) capture, with quick deployment, affordable multiple scanner options, and multiple location support.

Alogent's Remote Deposit Interactive (RDI) software is scalable and configurable with virtually any scanner, operating system or browser. Check deposits can be made from remote offices or storefonts, streamlining cash flow by consolidating deposits and includes all check image analysis, fraud detection, duplicate detection as well as image format conversion. 

remote deposit
Enable faster access to funds and streamline cash flow
inclearing returns
Save business account holders time and money
mobile check capture
Offer 24/7 convenience to bank
fraud detection
Reduce the risk of check fraud