Simplify and Streamline
Your Deposit Channels

Deploy and Manage Just One Platform and One API Across All Image Acquisition and Processing Channels.

Gain measurable efficiency gains, streamlined deposit workflows, and improved account holder services. With the market's only patent-pending, single API, and cloud-native solution, go-to-market your way: power all full- and self-service workflows with Unify, or leverage its unique capabilities by line of business, such as in the branch and at the teller, remotely through mobile channels or at the ATM, within merchant or commercial deposit channels, and more. By treating every document and check the same, Unify blurs the lines between Day 1 and Day 2 processing for banks and credit unions, ensuring your institution is prepared for the next phase of transaction processing with a better management of IT resources and a lower cost of ownership. 

Benefit from tighter integrations to third-parties and faster access to data analytics through a centralized framework, database, and reporting dashboard, while users gain a consistent user journey across all points of presentment as a result of real-time image and data validations. Meet goals effortlessly across all business units, the back office, and executive management teams with Unify – modernize your payments ecosystem today.

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Cloud-Native, Thin-Client Platform: Less Overhead and Increased ROI

Unify means modern simplicity for your bank or credit union - on any browser or operating system. 

  • Single deposits platform driven by 1 set of code and just 1 API
  • Exponential scalability, reduced IT overhead, and a lower cost of ownership with a cloud-native architecture
  • Flexibility with common and customized business rules
  • Consistent UX across all payment channels with real-time image and data validations
  • Built-in fraud mitigation capabilities
  • Browser and operating system agnostic: Windows or Mac, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and any combination
  • Integrations with AWARE for enterprise-wide data analytics, business intelligence and visual dashboards

Flexibility and Scalability for Every Institution

As a cloud-native platform, Unify scales exponentially and allows for a better management of IT resources. In parallel, its thin-client architecture enables a minimal footprint regardless of data volumes, and has reduced the footprint of software installed on an institution's workstations by over 90%. Apply custom business rules to meet your institution's unique requirements, while also addressing the individual considerations of international institutions, the needs of community banks and credit unions, as well as the largest Tier 1 banks in North America.





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Built-In Omni-Channel
Fraud Mitigation Capabilities

Check fraud requires a holistic, multi-faceted approach that spans all deposit channels. Next-gen platforms like Unify mitigate risk by improving a financial institution’s ability to monitor and validate deposits, ensuring a streamlined user journey.

Combine Unify's native features with industry-leading third-party fraud detection solutions for enhanced risk mitigation. Leverage the most advanced AI and image analytics tools, enhancing your bank’s or credit union’s ability to identify potentially fraudulent checks. 

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Remove Data Silos. Deliver a Consistent UX.

Bring full and self-service together under one, device agnostic product umbrella. Unify is a patent-pending total web-based solution that can be deployed across all points of capture and line of business deposit applications. Streamline front and back-end workflows and apply custom and consistent business rules to meet your institution's unique goals, including bringing new products and services to market fast, capitalizing on Unify's true omni-channel banking approach. 

With Unify's modern and cloud-native architecture, every deposit channel accesses one database and reporting dashboard, delivering a clear and centralized view into all transactions, deposits, the status’ of the items downstream, check fraud details, and more - customizable and accessible based on roles and permissions.

Take Control of Your Time and Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Market trends and account holder demands are constantly changing, and it is difficult to keep up with siloed applications that require individual attention, often from specialized teams. Maintaining a single platform and common set of code across the financial institution eliminates the need to manage disparate solutions and siloed channels, exchange files or batches between applications, or manage various maintenance and upgrade schedules. Minimize downtime around updates and testing, and go-to-market faster. Concentrate on your account holders rather than back-end IT efforts.