Simplify and Streamline
Deposit Channels with a Single Platform

Speed Item Processing. Lower Costs. Preserve Data. Mitigate Fraud.

Gain measurable efficiency gains, streamlined deposit workflows, and improved account holder services. With the only solution on the market that addresses all challenges, go-to-market your way with a single platform and single API: power all full- and self-service workflows with Unify, or leverage its unique capabilities by line of business. Treat every document and check the same, and blur the lines between Day 1 and Day 2 processing, ensuring your institution is prepared for the next phase of transaction processing

Modern approach. Streamlined workflows.

Benefit from a simplified item processing with Unify’s unique ability to process individual items through all configured decision points at the transaction level rather than at the batch level. Custom visual dashboards simplify access to both holistic and granular reports, while users gain a consistent UX across all deposit channels. 

Flexibility and Scalability for Every Institution

As a cloud-native platform, Unify scales exponentially and allows for a better management of IT resources. Apply custom business rules to meet your institution's unique requirements, while addressing the individual considerations of international institutions, the needs of community banks and credit unions, as well as the largest Tier 1 banks in North America.

Meet goals effortlessly across all business units, the back office, and executive management teams with Unify – modernize your payments ecosystem today.

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The Only Solution on the Market that Addresses All Challenges

  • Manage the same platform and 1 API across all Day 1 and Day 2 channels, built on the most modern architecture and tech stack
  • Speed item processing with transaction level capabilities 
  • Avoid downstream item processing delays while awaiting decisions on items from other channels
  • Eliminate the need for file exchanges between systems
  • Remove the need to view item-related data in multiple systems to make a decision
  • Benefit from one database and centralized reporting dashboard 

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Remove Silos

Unify’s single platform benefits span far beyond efficiency and reduced paper handling. Thanks to its single platform and centralized database, along with the use of real-time image and data validations, Unify allows transactions to be decisioned consistently regardless of channel, and the automation of previously manual or siloed tasks for employees in the back office. At the same time, account holders gain a true omni-channel approach – regardless of when or where they decide to bank.

The days of employees manually making decisions on items across different solutions without real-time feedback are behind us. With Unify, banks and credit unions deliver faster access to funds, post in real-time, and see a reduced risk for fraud.




Omni-Channel Fraud Mitigation

Check fraud requires a holistic, multi-faceted approach that spans all deposit channels. Next-gen platforms like Unify mitigate risk by improving a financial institution’s ability to monitor and validate deposits, ensuring a streamlined user journey.

Combine Unify's native features like real-time image and data validation with industry-leading third-party fraud detection solutions for enhanced risk mitigation. Leverage the most advanced AI and image analytics tools, enhancing your bank’s or credit union’s ability to identify potentially fraudulent checks. 

Download: fraud mitigation capabilities

Security: A Core Focus

Remain at the forefront of the banking industry with Unify by seamlessly integrating with industry-standard authentication protocols like OpenAuth, SAML, and Federated SSO out-of-the-box. With the ability to integrate to an institution's identity provider, banks and credit unions simplify user authentication and entitlement assignment, eliminating the need to manage userbases across multiple systems.

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

With a deep integration to your core banking solution, a common cloud-based infrastructure, and the same codebase for all deposit channels, Unify allows institutions to implement custom business rules for transactions based on the acquisition channel and other requirements. Connect to third-party solutions with ease, and give your institution a more flexible environment to address internal goals and market needs. At the same time, significantly decrease costs, time to market, and the need to train employees on the intricacies of varying tech stacks by maintaining just one environment, single API, and a common set of code.