Modernize your Payments Ecosystem

Single API Image Acquisition Platform

Unify simplifies image acquisition by treating every document the same, regardless of how it is captured, delivering productivity, a lower cost of ownership, and improved services to customers and members with a simple user journey and access to data analytics on the back end.

Remove Data Silos. Deliver a Consistent UX.

Unify, powered by Capture Once Technology, is a patent-pending total web based enterprise solution that can be applied across all image acquisition channels for a consistent user experience. Cloud-ready, Unify reduces operational costs, paper handling and the threat of fraud - bringing full and self-service together under one, device agnostic umbrella.


Take Control of Your Data Channels

Financial institutions face competition and disruption from technology providers, retailers, and changing demographics, which drive new features and capabilities within your technology. Maintaining a single API across all channels makes it easier to concentrate on your customers and your business without having to worry about silos, individual upgrades or downtime.


Centralize Your Data for Peak Efficiency

Enabling all channels the ability to access one database and one reporting dashboard, Unify delivers a clear view into all points of presentment, along with the status’ of the items downstream in a single view.

Applying a common infrastructure across payment channels also allows institutions to capitalize on Unify’s flexibility by building and implementing a common rule set for all transactions, regardless of acquisition channel.

Single Platform Means Less Overhead and Increased ROI

With only one environment to maintain, FIs gain a centralized framework that is easy to manage and configure with a faster time-to-market for new products and services. Unify drives reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs by providing:

  • Simplicity across all service points
  • Transaction access across operational silos
  • Integrations with AWARE, data analytics, reporting and visualizations
  • Customizable reporting and business workflows
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Versatility and Scalability for Every Institution

As a thin client platform, Unify ensures a minimal footprint regardless of data volumes and is customizable to meet your specific requirements. The platform also addresses the unique considerations of international institutions, and is scalable to support the needs of community banks and credit unions, as well as the largest Tier 1 banks in North America.