Datasheet: Unify, Modern Deposits Automation Platform

Unify means modern simplicity for your bank or credit union - on any browser or operating system. 

With the market's only patent-pending, single API, and cloud-native solution, go-to-market your way: power all full- and self-service workflows with Unify, or leverage its unique capabilities by line of business, such as in the branch and at the teller, remotely through mobile channels or at the ATM, within merchant or commercial deposit channels, and more. 

  • Single deposits platform driven by 1 set of code and just 1 API
  • Exponential scalability, reduced IT overhead, and a lower cost of ownership with a cloud-native architecture
  • Flexibility with common and customized business rules
  • Consistent UX across all payment channels with real-time image and data validations
  • Built-in fraud mitigation capabilities
  • Browser and operating system agnostic: Windows or Mac, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and any combination
  • Integrations with AWARE for enterprise-wide data analytics, business intelligence and visual dashboards

Learn more in this 1-page product datasheet.