Back Office Processing:
Smart Automation. Proven Technology.

With a continued investment in modernized back office processing solutions, Alogent’s single and secure platform processes paper and image-based transactions at a single point of capture or through advanced, enterprise-wide deposit automation strategies, delivering automation with reduced errors and overhead. Benefit from straight through check processing, supporting connectivity to point of presentment applications, internal bank systems and image archives, along with interbank and payment network exchange endpoints in a reliable, open, and scalable framework. Address fraud at the point of capture and facilitate cross-platform reporting and analytics in a centralized dashboard. 

Modernize the Back Office: eBook

Common Image Foundation
and an Open Architecture

Trusted by community and Tier 1 institutions, Alogent's back office processing solutions scale and deliver a significant ROI as a result of replacing legacy systems with proven, image-based technology. Continuously maintained and updated with best-in-breed capabilities, ensure:

  • Image quality and usability assurance
  • Validation, correction and balancing
  • Verification
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Archiving and search

Own Your Channels

omni channel
Capture images across all points of presentment
inclearings returns
Route transactions to the appropriate end point
cashletter creation transmission
Final processing, clearing, and settlement
fraud detection
Apply custom business rules and fraud mitigation