Technology & Methodology

Universal Digital Capture & Automation

Universal Digital Capture & Automation

Alogent capture solutions digitize content from any arrival point, and stream it into the central system for maximum efficiency. Permissions, custom business rules, and advanced capabilities like AI and machine learning, ensure secure indexing and access without manual interventions.

Digital transaction information then becomes the hub around which your entire transactional ecosystem revolves. When all content and information of all kinds and from all sources are universally accessible, employees and customers get what they need, workflows get simplified, and transactions become business intelligence. 

Illuminating the Customer Experience & User Journey

Illuminating the Customer Experience & User Journey

Putting the spotlight on the user experience greatly clarifies decisions about everything from direct customer interactions to workflows indirectly affecting customers and employees. Alogent solutions aim to eliminate paper-pushing and people-moving, while quality-controlling your valuable information.

Branches are changing. Staying competitive means giving customers not only anytime, anywhere access, but also consistent experiences across channels. And doing that means giving employees tools and technologies to truly serve all your account holders’ financial needs from inside or outside the branch. 

Best Practices Baked Into Technology

Best practices—universal capture, user experience focus, plus the five listed below—are built into Alogent’s advanced technology solutions. Banks and credit unions improve in efficiency, reduce their costs, and grow and satisfy their customer and member bases.  

Because of Alogent’s long experience in proven practice, financial institutions can have full confidence in their information security, regulatory compliance and guaranteed uptime.

Increase Automation
Decrease Manual Interventions

Anytime, Anywhere Availability

Turn Transactions Into Business Intelligence

Security & Regulation Compliant

Fraud & Disaster Protection

Flexible Delivery Options

Compelling Initial and Long-Term ROI

Everything we do drives toward our clients’ bottom line success in terms of a fast return on investment. Nothing stands still—the key is that we build our solutions around best practices and constantly refresh and evolve them to take you to the next goal.