Rock-Solid Security
Without Compromising User Experience

Configurable, enterprise-grade security is at the core of NXT, covering all levels of a financial institutions’ digital banking security risks, including its fraud and risk mitigation protocols, and role-based access and permissions for employees. Protected against OWASP Top 10 and Mobile Top 10 vulnerabilities, all data in-motion and the application architecture are encrypted to keep users and your institution safe. Deploy a secure digital banking software platform and show customers and members the importance you place on online and mobile banking security.

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Security at all Levels for the Entire Digital Banking Ecosystem


  • Configurable username and password controls
  • Audit logging, real-time security alerts and notifications
  • Transaction security, linked to ACH and positive pay capabilities
  • SOC-compliant data centers, data protection at rest and in-transit
  • Biometric authentication for digital banking, such as touch and face ID
  • Fraud and account takeover prevention tools like multi-factor authentication
  • Secure, seamless access to third party and companion solutions through single sign-ons (SSO)

download: Security Tips for your Digital Banking Platform