All of Your Documents from All of Your Customers, Members & Accounts

Manage customer, member, loan, deposit, trust, and back-office documents in an intuitive, core-integrated document imaging system that’s built for banks and credit unions.

Document imaging


View and Share Documents in a Variety of Ways

Enable users to view documents in ways that streamline their jobs. "Document view" provides lenders with a visual way to explore and search customer and member documents. "Teller view" gives tellers and front-line staff the quick answers they need to support their account holders. "Customer view" provides a 360-degree perspective for back-office and administrative staff.

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Scan and Index a Massive Stack of Paper in Minutes, Not Hours

Accelerate customer, member, and account onboarding with barcodes and batch scanning. Barcoded documents simplify the preparation of loan files and speed up scanning. Use accuimg to efficiently manage batch-scanned documents, attorney-prepared loan files, financial statements, applications, and much more. Spend fewer resources and less time scanning documents.

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Drag and Drop AccuAccount Imaging


Drag and Drop PDFs, Images, and Email Attachments

Simplify the management of trailing documents, such as quarterly and annual financial statements from account holders, tax returns, flood zone determinations, deeds of trust, UCCs, and insurance. Exception reports help you identify trailing documents that are missing. Drag and drop electronic files into an intuitive user interface.

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Tax return document that is being uploaded to a bank document portal


eSign, LOS, and Other Tools

Automatically pull in documents directly from your LOS (loan origination system) or eSign products through a nightly process. Easily drag and drop documents from your portal to AccuAccount. Enable an easier way to collect documents from account holders. Reduce paper at every step of the process and increase customer and member satisfaction.

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Streamline Document Management with Integration to 30+ Core Systems

Eliminate manual data entry by integrating AccuAccount to your core banking system. As new customers, members and accounts are booked to the core, AccuAccount automatically creates placeholder records. Know exactly where each document should go without relying on manual ticklers, spreadsheets, and checklists. Gain a structured approach to document management.

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Exception Report by Officer


Integrate Imaging and Tracking for Greater Efficiency

Built-in document tracking maximizes the impact of your imaging workflow. Exceptions automatically clear as new documents are scanned or uploaded into AccuAccount. Trigger new exceptions automatically based on the customer, member, or account type. Data-driven exception reports and email alerts keep everyone informed. Build reports by officer, account type, and other criteria with Dynamic Reporting in AccuAccount.

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From quality control to participations to audit and exam prep, we've only scratched the surface of what AccuAccount can do for your financial institution. Watch a pre-recorded webinar, download a whitepaper, or check out our FAQs to learn more about our software.



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Imaging FAQs

You can scan documents into AccuAccount with any multifunction device or desktop scanner that is Twain compliant.

Yes. AccuAccount makes it easy to add pages to an existing document.

Yes. We offer drag and drop (AccuPrint) to virtually print it into AccuAccount or upload directly to a document tab.

Yes. AccuAccount has a built-in quality control feature that shows you who imaged the file and if any changes were made to the file once it is in AccuAccount.

Yes. We offer cover sheets to scan using multifunction device scanners, and we offer cover sheets for documents scanning.

AccuAccount can read “free 3 of 9” barcodes.

Yes. You can add customer, member, and account information manually. The customer or member number will need to match the data coming from the core. This allows the manually added customer to “sync” up to the data coming from the core.


Watch an on-demand demo of AccuAccount. Learn how our software integrates to 30+ core systems and loan origination systems, streamlines imaging, and automates exception tracking and audit preparation for 15,000+ bankers.


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