Comprehensive Check Fraud Mitigation:
Fight Check Fraud Across
All Deposit Channels

With fraudulent activity surging across all full- and self-service deposit channels, banks and credit unions must strengthen their risk mitigation strategy, but still be mindful of the user experience. Advanced technology can help decrease fraud, but requires a holistic, multi-faceted approach that combines best practices and cutting-edge capabilities. With comprehensive check fraud mitigation features native to Unify, Alogent’s modern deposits platform, financial institutions detect fraudulent transactions before they reach the back office, including: altered checks, check washing, money order fraud, counterfeit cashiers/official checks, account takeover, paycheck scams, lottery check scams, check kiting, and paperhanging.

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Mitigate Risk
Across All Touch-Points

In-branch, teller, and back counter
In-branch, Teller,
and Back Counter
Remote channels for consumers and businesses
Remote and Self-Service Channels for Consumers
and Businesses
Inclearings and returns
Inclearings and Returns
Deposit X9 files
Deposit X9 Files
check fraud mitigation

Strengthen Your Risk Mitigation Strategy:
Account Holder Scoring Model

Leverage real-time image and data validations to strengthen your risk mitigation strategy with capabilities unique to Unify and build a complete account holder profile or related User Scoring Model. Based on banking history, unique deposit habits, industry lists like OFAC, and other business rules, use this score to streamline user experiences across all capture points. Implement auto-decisioning and treat transactions the same across full- and self-service deposit channels, mitigating fraud by detecting anomalies in transactions and behavior. The results: less friction for the user, and lower overhead and manual processing, as well as added levels of check fraud prevention for your institution.

download: Real-Time Access to Image & Data Validations

Enhanced Fraud Detection with AI and Advanced Image Analytics

Enhance your bank's or credit union’s ability to identify potentially fraudulent checks and other transactions by combining Alogent’s built-in fraud mitigation capabilities with industry-leading third-party fraud detection solutions and take advantage of the most advanced AI and image analytics tools. Benefit from: 

  • Comparison of the location of the courtesy amount field 
  • Comparison of the location of the legal amount field
  • Comparison of the location of the MICR codeline
  • Check stock validation