Streamline Deposit Automation
and Deliver Convenience

Enable deposit automation as customers and members bank at their convenience through image-enabled, ATMs, ITMs and kiosks. With the ability to quickly and easily complete transactions and receive a secure proof of deposit, account holders gain flexibility while the financial institution reduces overhead, fraud and drives engagement. 

Drive Engagement through Self-Service

As role of the physical branch transforms, customers and members continue to look to self-service conveniences for routine transactions. Image-enabled ATMs, ITMs and kiosks engage account holders with anytime, anywhere access, driving high-touch, high-tech offerings. 

Oftentimes, banks and credit unions see an increase in transaction activity through these channels as confidence grows with positive user experiences. And, with reduced traffic in the branch, employees and tellers are now available to strengthen relationships and assist with more complex transactions or higher-value services. 

Image-Enabled ATM

Reduce Overhead, Manual Processing, and Fraud

Alogent solutions include powerful deposit aggregation for forward presentment. Integrated capture points detect and prevent duplicates and fraud in real-time, eliminate empty envelope fraud, and allow customized business rules for eligibility and deposit limits. 

  • Remove envelopes from the transaction equation, reducing related fees to process in the back-office
  • Real-time fraud prevention directly at the point of presentment, including image quality usability and negotiability
  • Remove the need for manual keying of check amounts
  • Eliminate courier costs associated with the collection of checks from remote locations
  • Free tellers of manual processes and enable them to drive engagement
fraud detection
Check-Fraud Detection & Eliminated Empty Envelope Fraud
customer facing solutions
Increase Customer & Member Engagement
Duplicate Detection
teller machine
Deliver Convenience to Bank at Anytime