Seamless Processes & Increased Automation

The FASTdocs API is breaking new ground for our enterprise content and information management suite by adding more flexibility to the user experience and enabling an enterprise approach to your document and information management strategy. Seamlessly and securely allow third-party solutions to access account holder documents and data, as well as to enrich user experiences and extend self-service capabilities for customers and members. Eliminate siloes, benefit from seamless processes, and increase automation with FASTdocs’ full-featured external API.

Download: real-world use cases of the FASTdocs API

download: Enhance Data Accessibility: FASTdocs File Import Studio & API


Extend your Content and Information Management Strategy

Enable FASTdocs to communicate securely with virtually any third-party software solution
Deliver a seamless point of consolidation by enabling a single, streamlined view for multiple systems
Control the user journey, UI, UX, and branding to make all engagements look and feel like your institution
Allow more flexibility for users in both full- and self-service environments and across devices
Robust documentation
Robust documentation that allows for quick and painless development and implementation efforts
Benefits for all
Cost, time and resource savings for employees, customers and members, alike

Benefits for Employees and Account Holders

With the FASTdocs API a part of your bank or credit union's ecosystem, employees reduce their manual ‘clicks’ and gain a seamless, quick view into needed account holder information. Searching, storing, or indexing documents can be completed within FASTdocs from whichever solution they’re working, eliminating the need for multiple sign-ons and multiple views. 

In addition to internal cost and times savings, allow self-service capabilities and the omni-channel to become a reality for customers and members. Transactions that were once completed in the branch can now be completed seamlessly from any mobile device or computer, reducing support calls and allowing staff to focus on customer and member services.