Intuitive, Secure Interfaces.
Simple to Use, Fast to Deploy

At the heart of FASTdocs is a truly universal information repository with the ability to view data by customer or member, by account, or by collateral. With browser-based functionality and dashboards, it’s easy to switch between these views, enabling quick access to the data and documents you need at any time, and from any location. 

Compliant with all regulations and industry security standards, FASTdocs powers your complete EIM strategy.




Person- or Account Holder-Centric Views

  • Laser-fast search and retrieval with universal 360° searches
  • Fully configurable to meet your institutions' needs and goals
  • Cross-navigate using tree views to focus and refocus your views
  • Customer/Member-centric, account-centric, and collateral-centric file keys


Browser-Based Access & Dashboards

  • Fully configurable and scalable
  • Fast deployment, upgrades and maintenance
  • Customizable permission levels to access, print or export information
  • Allow non-Alogent technologies to interface with FASTdocs through an API