New FASTdocs API Brings Even More Flexibility

New FASTdocs API Brings Even More Flexibility to your ECM or EIM Solution

At the last Alogent Customer Conference, we polled attendees about the upcoming roadmap and related features they wanted us to prioritize in connection to their business goals.  APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) were the clear winner, and we are thrilled to announce that the latest release of our Enterprise Content and Information Management (ECM / EIM) Suite, inclusive of FASTdocs 6.2.0, offers our full featured external API. 

The Suite's API enables FASTdocs to communicate with another piece of software and to provide a standard, structured, programmatic interface to its functionality.  This external API breaks new ground for our EIM suite by offering a secure method to directly interact with our system. And, since it’s technology agnostic, the API can be utilized in any technology stack such as .Net or Javascript with an HTTP call.


This new API allows FASTdocs customers to implement business processes that involve document management without invoking the FASTdocs UI.  For instance, they can search, store, or index documents from within their own core software screens without having to open FASTdocs as well.  In addition to simplicity, this enables the FI to own the user experience, both internally with their employees, and externally with their customers. 

Customization & Branding
Banks and credit unions can also create a seamless end-to-end experience that mimics their specific processes, rather than being forced to process a certain way due to the software’s requirements.  These calls happen in real-time, so as soon as a new member or customer is added to the core, they are instantly available in the ECM/EIM platform, as well.
Enable More Account Holder Access
In addition to simplicity and seamless experiences within the FASTdocs offering, the availability of the API enables customers using other Alogent products to build web or mobile solutions using their own design language - for example, WebShare.  WebShare is Alogent’s self-service, web-based window into FASTdocs from a digital banking solution.  If a customer wishes to customize the look and feel of WebShare and its UX, they can build the same functionality using our calls, but with their own UX and branding.  
Security and document control is a top priority for Alogent across our full product portfolio, which is why the new API is as secure as FASTdocs. For instance, we understand that a benefit of FASTdocs is the many security groups and user permissions it offers to prevent users from accessing sensitive data - think Human Resources data or other another employee's account files.  If a teller invokes a document search from his core solution using Alogent’s APIs, the results will be identical to the permissions and security protocols as if it was invoked within the FASTdocs UI.

This new technology and availability of the API serves as a springboard for future integrations - both by our customer base, as well as with core providers.

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