All of Your Loans, Exceptions, & Reports in One Integrated System

Reduce risk, improve credit quality, and maximize compliance by centralizing all of your exception data into AccuAccount. Automate every aspect of exception tracking.

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Comprehensive Customer View


Organize and Track all of your Customer Relationships and Accounts

Track customer and member credits, collateral, loans, deposits, and trusts in a single source of truth. Core-integrated data feed builds out document placeholders and begins tracking as new customers or accounts are booked to the core. Gain an at-a-glance view of the customer and identify which loans need to be brought into compliance. Drill down to view covenants, policy exceptions, and document exceptions.

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Loan Collateral Tracking


Gain Transparency into Collateral and Loan Document Tracking

Track and manage the entire life of the loan, from application through loan servicing. Easily see which pieces of collateral are pledged to multiple loans. Monitor and report on "critical" exceptions, including UCCs, deeds of trust, and property insurance. Build a customized loan and collateral tracking workflow to fit your financial institution's exact needs.

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Drag and Drop Imaging


Streamline the Collection and Tracking of Customer Credit Financials

Achieve a scalable process for tracking and collecting customer financials, tax returns, and other credit documents. Eliminate the need for manual ticklers and spreadsheets. Integrate your tracking and imaging for added efficiency. Automatically clear exceptions as credit documents are added to AccuAccount. Drag and drop multiple files in seconds.

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Deposit Tracking


Go Beyond Signature Card Tracking for Deposits

Elevate customer and member services by providing frontline staff with the information they need to serve account holders. Track signature authorizations, account activity, expiring drivers' licenses, and related documents. Use task lists for ensuring timely account onboarding and maintenance. Task exception reports and dashboards keep users accountable.

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Trust Tracking


Boost Compliance with Better Tracking and Reporting for Trusts

Track all of your trust documents in one system that's built for financial institutions. Manage additional signers, utility bills, tax returns, bank statements, insurance certificates, court documents, benefit statements, and much more. Report filters make it easy to view trust-related data. Automated emails keep trust officers in the loop about missing documents.

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Exception Report by Officer


Empower Lenders and Management with Real-Time Exception Data

Democratize exception reporting at your financial institution. Automate the delivery of exception reports to lenders with daily email alerts. Keep management informed of critical document exceptions that impact loan portfolio compliance. Build custom exception reports in seconds to identify and overcome bottlenecks at the branch, lender, or document level.

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Tax return document that is being uploaded to a bank document portal


Engage Account Holders More Effectively and with Less Effort

Efficiently request documents from customers, members, title companies, insurance agents, and other stakeholders. Streamline your notice letter workflow with paper and email-based solutions. Use exception comments to track interactions with account holders. Increase customer and member satisfaction by making it easier for them to provide documents via portals.

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Tracking FAQs

Yes. AccuAccount has a module called Dynamic Reporting that allows you to build and customize reports for a specific exception type or a specific officer.

Yes. AccuAccount allows you to add a free form exception to a specific customer or account. It is tracked on exception reports and seen on the dashboard for the assigned officer.

AccuAccount requires a user have specific permissions in order to clear an exception.

The price of our system is based on asset size and allows for unlimited users.

Yes. Your lenders and lending assistants can pull reports anytime they would like, or they can receive them by email on a scheduled basis.


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