Bank-Wide Imaging:
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Imaging your loans, deposits, and trusts is a great start. But what about all of your contracts, HR documents, reports, policies, and procedures? AccuDoc helps with that.

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Instiution-Wide Imaging Modules:
Take the Rest of Your Bank or Credit Union Paperless


AccuDoc is a dynamic information storage software that houses each department’s information in one structured system, requiring less administration and maintenance. Within AccuDoc, system reports and interfaces can be designed specifically for each department. Banks and credit unions count on AccuDoc to manage a variety of departmental documents


Improve the Efficiency of Invoice Approval and Management

Each approver at the bank or credit union is assigned an approval limit. Invoices cannot be submitted to or approved by an approver if the amount is above the set limit. Approvers are instantly notified via e-mail and can optionally be notified on a daily/weekly basis of all pending approvals. Invoices can be approved by a single approver, re-assigned to another approver, or viewed by multiple approvers before the invoice receives its final approval. Invoices and vendors can be quickly located via the hot-key feature. The Accounts Payable system also allows users to import vendors, invoices, and checks. Approved invoices can be exported using the Accounts Payable system.


Streamline your HR Document Management

AccuDoc effectively organizes documents within the human resources department. Access to the software is password protected, enhancing the security of your human resources records. Vital information is securely tracked. Scanned images of documents are organized into folders within the system, eliminating the need for file cabinets. Human resources files are safe, secure, and highly organized.


Automatically Track Renewal Dates and Contact Info

AccuDoc combines paperless storage and retrieval with automatic tracking of renewal dates and contact information. Documents are accessed from a highly organized “virtual” file cabinet. With AccuDoc’s bank contract imaging, every contract is stored exactly the same way, every time. Automatic notification is given when it is time to renegotiate with vendors or do routine tasks. Bank compliance is improved by providing required information to regulatory bodies. Budgeting for service contracts is simplified. The first step of a budgeting project should be to compile a list of recurring contracts with renewal amounts and dates. All contracts are stored, tracked, and retrieved from the same icon without ever having to visit the file cabinet.


Gain a Single Source of Truth for Minutes

Producing copies of minutes requires a copier, reams of paper, and time. Organize every meeting, every day, in a highly structured bank document imaging system that does not rely on a clerk’s filing abilities. Documents are available to multiple users at multiple locations without using a dime’s worth of paper. When reports are uploaded from your desktop into AccuDoc, images are immediately accessible. Toss away the mounds of paper and access notes from your computer. Scan and store your notes and reports in a highly organized, easy to access file that is accessible by multiple users, without making a single copy. Retrieve a specific date, meeting topic, or department within seconds using the search feature. View meeting minutes from your laptop at the airport, and review decisions made at committee meetings remotely.


Standardize the Storage and Management of Policies

Written banking procedures are often modified to fit the needs of the times. In many cases, policies are copied and passed around, stored in a file folder, shoved in a drawer, filed in a binder, and rarely handy when they are needed. Keeping bank procedures standardized is difficult when employees are required to retain a file of their own. By streamlining document imaging, dating, and storing in a highly organized, easy to access file, your financial institution is helping to insure banking compliance standards while encouraging employees to follow specified policies. AccuDoc allows easy access and updates to procedures, helping to insure your institution’s procedures meet federal guidelines.


Produce Meaningful Reports in Less Time

AccuDoc maintains transaction data on securities and produce reports. Quarterly call reports can be simplified by maintaining transaction history on all your securities. Scanned images of interest credits, call transactions, and purchases are organized within one system, easily accessible from your office desktop. Interest rates, change dates, call dates, type of security purchased, and term of the investment are instantly displayed. If the item has been pledged, you can image your pledge agreement along with the security, and have both bank documents viewable in the same file. With AccuDoc, there is no need to search through the monthly GL tickets to find interest credit or debit information on your securities.


View and Search Reports by Department and Keyword

AccuDoc eliminates microfilm/fiche and costs and associated filing time with automated retrieval. Documents are automatically captured from your systems, stored, indexed, and made searchable. Reports are easy to access, while protecting that information with exceptional security. Archive based on the name, type, age, and even the security level of the report combined with its search functionality.


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