Maximize Your
Digital Transformation Journey

FASTdocs delivers advanced capabilities to capture, archive and manage all data in all formats - paper, audio, video, or image - making it instantly available. With automated input tools and an API that allows third-party solutions to interface with the platform, documents are paperless from the moment they arrive and data is automatically located and extracted with advanced recognition technology. Quickly capture business-critical information and power a searchable, digital repository.


Infographic: Make Data Actionable

Seamlessly Power your Digital Ecosystem & Information Strategy

Automatic Data Recognition

  • Locate and extract alpha and numeric data from all documents
  • Make all information searchable, reportable, and actionable

Power a Global Digital Repository

  • Standardize documents, indexing, tasks, audits and processes
  • Allow non-Alogent technologies to interface with FASTdocs through an API


File Import Studio

  • Automatically import, process, and index all electronic files in real-time, including images, from any source or format
  • Enable e-signature capabilities and keep workflows fully automated


  • Eliminate the burden of paper-based manual processes within high-volume environments
  • Allow the input of documents through high-speed scanners to maximize productivity