eBook: Unify: Streamline Deposit Automation with a Single Platform

Speed item processing. Lower costs. Preserve data. Mitigate fraud.

Financial institutions have traditionally implemented different solutions across each of their channels – delivering similar capabilities but tailored to a specific point of capture and often managed internally by separate teams. 

Unify approaches image acquisition and processing differently. The only solution of its kind on the market, Unify allows your institution to go-to-market your way: power all full- and self-service workflows with the same platform, or leverage Unify’s unique capabilities by line of business, such as at the teller station, remotely through mobile channels or at the ATM, within merchant or commercial deposit channels, and more. 

As technology evolves, so do account holder expectations, making omni-channel banking experiences a necessity – not to mention the infrastructural and technology changes needed to keep up, while still managing costs, overhead, and the risk for fraud. Although your branches may look refreshed because of branch transformation efforts, can your back-end item processing workflows maintain long-term consistency at speed and scale? Can they preserve all item-level data within the platform for easier research?