eBook: Unify: A Modern, Cloud-Based Approach to Payments

Streamline and Simplify your Deposit Channels

Financial institutions have traditionally implemented different solutions across each of their channels – all delivering similar capabilities but tailored to a specific point of capture and often managed internally by separate teams. 

Alogent’s patent-pending platform, Unify, approaches image acquisition and processing differently. As the only solution of its kind on the market, Unify allows your institution to go-to-market your way: power all full- and self-service workflows with the same platform, or leverage Unify’s unique capabilities by line of business, such as at the teller station, remotely through mobile channels or at the ATM, within merchant or commercial deposit channels, and more. With real-time image and data validations, user journeys are streamlined, risk is minimized, and balancing and posting is near-instantaneous.

  • Single platform approach for Day 1 and Day 2 processing, delivering a consistent user journey across all full- and self-service deposit channels
  • Thin client, cloud native platform, proven to reduce your software footprint by 90%+
  • Test, update, and go-live faster as a result of its modern architecture 
  • Unique ability to mitigate risk and fraud based on a holistic view of account holders
  • Faster access to business intelligence with its centralized database and reporting dashboard