Wednesday 12 April 2023

[Playbook] Using a Document Portal with an Imaging System

Your financial institution is looking for a more convenient way to collect and organize documents from customers or members. One idea that keeps coming up…

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Thursday 30 March 2023

Tracking Total Application Time and Pipeline Bottlenecks in the Commercial Lending Process

Loan file complexity, manual processes, and lender oversights aren’t the only things getting in the way of efficient commercial lending workflows. Being able to accurately…

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Tuesday 28 March 2023

Move Over Mobile: Non-Traditional Digital Banking Devices to Look Out For

Digital banking remains a significant channel of engagement given the prevailing demand for convenience and self-service, and while online browsers, phones, and tablets remain the…

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Tuesday 21 March 2023

Don’t Wait! Get Started with an Open Banking Strategy Ahead of U.S. Regulation

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is expected to publish a report later this year with proposed U.S. open banking rules for implementation in 2024…

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Tuesday 7 March 2023

Leveraging Technology to Achieve a Better Commercial Lending Workflow

Commercial lending can be incredibly complex and involve multiple stakeholders, guarantors, documents, and processes. Efficient and effective collaboration is key, but outdated systems and assumptions…

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Monday 27 February 2023

Beyond Digital Banking Tools: Prioritizing the Entire User Experience

Offering digital banking tools isn’t enough to stand out in today’s banking market. It's important to find the balance between features that attract new users…

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Thursday 16 February 2023

Upload vs. Drag & Drop vs. Barcodes

AccuAccount makes it easy to get your documents into the right place. From upload to drag and drop to barcodes, we’ve built AccuAccount to support…

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Wednesday 15 February 2023

Navigating Uncertain Economic Times: The Key Role of Community Institutions and the Key to a Sustainable Future

Local banks and credit unions are known for supporting their account holders and communities in times of need. It’s at these moments when regional institutions…

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Thursday 9 February 2023

[Playbook] Saving Email Attachments in an Imaging System

Here’s the situation: Your financial institution is steadily working through its backlog, but new documents seem to arrive every day—especially through team members’…

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