Wednesday 12 January 2022

Ask Yourself These 5 Questions. It Might Be Time to Refresh Your Bank’s or Credit Union’s Check Processing and Payment Solutions

Deciding when it’s time to upgrade your check processing and payments infrastructure can be tricky, and a balancing act linked to other projects, budgets, and…

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Thursday 6 January 2022

The Cloud is Here to Stay: The Importance of Cloud Banking in 2022 for Banks and Credit Unions

Across the financial sector, cloud-based banking solutions are transforming business operations, and this trend isn't expected to slow any time soon. Cloud deployments are a…

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Monday 27 December 2021

Alogent Top 10: 2021's Most Read Articles and Content with Banking Tips and Best Practices to Leverage for Success in the New Year

Product strategies flexed to place more emphasis on self-service and digital channels, a focus on UI/UX across all solutions took a front-seat, and solutions to…

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Monday 6 December 2021

No One Wants to be ‘Just a Number’: The Importance of Digital Banking Personalization and Building a Sense of Community for your Bank or Credit Union

Companies and brands across all industries use personalization to create memorable experiences that increase sales and loyalty. In fact, a recent McKinsey study found that…

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Tuesday 30 November 2021

Unlocking Banking Insights and Trends for the New Year: What’s your Competitive Advantage?

The discussion of data has gone from being a “hot topic” to one that is now commonplace – a topic that impacts trends, business decisions…

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Monday 15 November 2021

Digital Banking Security: Protecting Your Institution and Account Holders Without Compromising Ease of Use

As customers and members become increasingly aware of the importance of cybersecurity and their vulnerabilities, banks and credit unions must ensure their digital banking platforms…

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Tuesday 9 November 2021

A Connected Institution: Better, More-Personalized Customer and Member Services Depends on Your Digital Transformation Efforts in the Back Office

Staffing difficulties are forcing organizations to be more efficient with technology and to enhance their automation capabilities. Although digital transformation isn’t new, meeting the market…

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Thursday 14 October 2021

Off-the-Shelf Digital Banking Solutions: There’s No Such Thing Anymore!

Every institution is different, and it’s unlikely that any off-the-shelf digital banking solution will meet every need. An SDK enables custom alterations to meet specific bank…

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Monday 4 October 2021

Ask the Experts: Payments Modernization and Branch Transformation for your Bank or Credit Union

Ashish Bhatia, VP of Product Management for Payments, recently sat down to discuss payments modernization projects and branch transformation. In a time of continuous change…

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