Document collection software is used by financial institutions to electronically collect documents from customers.
Document imaging software organizes, stores, and retrieves documents. The data managed by a document imaging system could reside on an in-house or cloud-based server.
A document imaging technician ensures the timely and accurate scanning and indexing of paperwork into the organization’s document management software.
Document indexing involves saving information in a consistent and logical fashion.
Document indexing software is a computer program or application that assists with storing, organizing, and recalling documents.
Document management in banking includes all the systems and processes that are necessary to collect, organize, and track any information that relates to customers, accounts, and operations.
A document management system enables an organization to digitally track, store, and retrieve information. It can also be used to generate reports and to comply with document retention requirements.
Document scanning software is the interface that allows a computer user to communicate information to a scanner, which then converts a paper document into an electronic image.
Document tracking is a process that helps financial institutions prevent, identify, and resolve issues related to existing, missing, expiring, trailing, and other documents.
Dormant accounts (usually checking or savings accounts) are those that have had no activity for a lengthy period.
Dual control involves putting into place checks and balances that prevent employees from committing theft, fraud, or other actions that would negatively impact an organization.