FDIC BankFind is a free database offered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The FDIC BankFind provides general information about FDIC-insured financial institutions.
FDIC Deposit Market Share Reports provide information about the percentage of deposits that an FDIC-affiliated institution holds within a geographic area.
The FDIC Institution Directory provides financial reporting and other data on any FDIC-insured bank.
FFIEC is an acronym for the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council. Established in 1979, the FFIEC is an inter-agency group that creates guidelines for standardizing federal audits of financial institutions.
A flood insurance provider performs a flood zone determination to ascertain if real estate is located within a floodplain.
Front-line staff at a bank are the “face” of the organization—the employees that interact directly with a financial institution’s customers. This includes a wide variety of staff, from front-line tellers cashing a $20 check to lenders working on large commercial loans.