Cold storage in banking provides a snapshot of each day’s activity at a financial institution. Cold storage houses a variety of reports, statements, notices, and images generated by a bank’s core system as part of its nightly processing.
Collateral is something of value that a borrower pledges at a bank’s or credit union's request to mitigate the financial institution’s risk in the event of nonpayment.
Collateral inspection is a process performed by financial institutions to confirm the value of the collateral used as security in loans.
Collateral perfection is a process that financial institutions go through to protect their ability to take ownership of collateral in the event of default. Maintaining proper documentation and ongoing tracking procedures are key steps for perfecting collateral.
Commercial credit analysis ratios are used by underwriters in business loan determinations.
A commercial loan is a loan that is made to a business entity, as opposed to a loan that is for personal or household use.