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Loan Management & Exception Tracking: Quickly Summarize Exceptions by Officer, Branch, or Category

Banks and credit unions need accurate, reliable, and easy-to-understand exception reports. However, pulling exception data together can involve considerable administrative work for back-office staff. Financial institutions that use AccuAccount enjoy a selection of standard reports, including our exception summary report. Let’s look at how this report streamlines access to exception information. 

A Fast, Easy Way to Understand Exception Aging

The exception summary report is a straightforward aging report that’s broken down by exception type. Data can be summarized by the following criteria:

  • Officer
  • Branch
  • Exception Category

In the following example, summarizing by officer tells us that Alex Haley has a lot of exceptions over 90 days old—including 5 expiring UCCs!

Viewing the data by branch makes it clear that Chicago is struggling to keep pace with expiring UCC filings, personal financial statements, insurance documents, and certificates of good standing.

Summarizing by category could help us spot bottlenecks in the institution’s collateral perfection process.

Who Uses This Report (& How)?

The exception summary report in AccuAccount can be useful to multiple stakeholders and teams. Here are two quick examples.

Executive Leadership: Management could use this report to gain a high-level overview of exception-related risk. Subscribing via email eliminates the need to manually run the report, making it easier to access, save, share, and print the report prior to loan committee and board meetings. Correlating exception data with loan values helps managers gauge risk and plan next steps.

Branch Managers: Receiving a weekly email summary of branch-specific exception data is incredibly useful for busy branch managers. Applying filters could make it easier to identify inefficient branch processes and coaching opportunities.

Simplify Exception Reporting with AccuAccount

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