Area Financial Services (AFS) Selects Alogent NXT as its Digital Banking Platform for its Family of Credit Unions

Area Financial Services (AFS) Selects Alogent NXT as its Digital Banking Platform for its Family of Credit Unions

Alogent announced today that Area Financial Services, Inc. (AFS), an item processing credit union service organization (CUSO) in Northeast Ohio, will migrate its member credit unions to NXT. Alogent's flexible digital and mobile banking platform, NXT, prioritizes user experience by delivering consistency between native and web applications with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, and upgrade-ready architecture.

"AFS is dedicated to helping its member credit unions increase efficiencies and solve problems through innovative technology solutions," said Carla Waggoner, President & CEO of Area Financial Services. "Extending our relationship with Alogent delivers access to new technology opportunities that foster collaboration and enables us to drive greater member engagement internally and to their members in the wider market."

NXT is secure, flexible and customizable, enabling a fast implementation and go-to-market. Its focus on UX is paramount throughout the entire platform, including its layouts and full-featured interactions that can start on one channel and continue within another. 

"We built NXT from the ground up, with capabilities that are purposeful and based on data that supports the way users bank - how they engage and want to transact digitally," said Dede Wakefield, Alogent's CEO. "The platform is robust, and its tech stack is one that will sustain growth for years to come."

The Alogent software ecosystem breaks down data silos and fosters the exchange of transaction information across channels, enabling a financial institution to gain access to big data for enterprise-wide decisions. The user data within NXT enables the institution to make improvements to its customer service, for example, or around a campaign to increase the adoption of specific features. 

"NXT enables credit unions and community institutions to compete with large, digital players and online-only offerings, while still maintaining the personal touch with account holders in what is the most important customer interaction point today," said Jason Schwabline, Alogent's Chief Strategy Officer. "In a market where users expect streamlined and flashy functionality, NXT delivers cross-channel capabilities through an open and API-based architecture that allows the institution to have maximum control, customization and branding potential."

In addition to NXT, AFS has also expanded its footprint with Alogent to include its ImagePoint suite for teller and ATM channels, enabling automated item processing workflows with built-in fraud detection at the point of presentment. Together, the Alogent product suite offers consistency and transparency for financial institutions through an automated digital ecosystem with access to cross-channel analytics.