Data-Driven Analytics & Reporting: From Unstructured, to Powerful, Actionable Insights

Every interaction provides financial institutions with real-time, actionable data showcasing valuable behaviors and trends. Yet, banks and credit unions simply cannot rely on antiquated solutions to effectively measure and act upon this information across the enterprise to deliver effective, differentiated and personalized services. Critical data is often lost in the shuffle, lying within fragmented, unstructured formats and disparate silos. With the right tools, FIs drive compelling, data-driven decisions, actualizing their potential to create meaningful and personalized engagement opportunities based on business intelligence (BI) and their own account holder behavior.

AWARE’s flexible integration with external transaction streams and APIs for advanced retrieval enable effortless deep-item searches for immediate, tangible results. Empower executives, branch managers and staff with easily viewable, reportable trends, up-to-date fraud statistics, transaction details by channel or location, performance analytics, and other data points critical to the institution.