[Playbook] Partnering with Your Imaging Vendor for a Faster Conversion

Here’s the Situation: Your bank would like to switch to a new document imaging vendor, but manually migrating years’ worth of loan files, customer tax returns, deposit account information, and other documentation seems impossible. It sounds like your financial institution could benefit from an automated approach. This article explains how Alogent works with banks to efficiently transition information from their existing imaging systems to AccuAccount.

When Does a Vendor-Led Conversion Make Sense?

Sure, you could ask your loan admin team to drag and drop or virtual print documents into AccuAccount. But, in today’s tight labor market, they’re probably stretched thin enough. Finding time to migrate thousands of documents—while juggling their existing responsibilities—may not be doable. Alogent can help! We’ve worked with many banks that want to switch to AccuAccount without getting caught up in a massive document migration project. Yes, there’s a cost associated with this convenience, but it’s almost always worth it. Just ask some of our satisfied customers! (We’re happy to provide referral banks upon request.)

Here’s the Game Plan

Step 1: Ask your vendor about performing a “deconversion,” which essentially involves creating a data file with your documents and information. Some vendors charge deconversion fees.

Tip: If your vendor is slow or unwilling to provide a deconversion service, double check the system’s settings for an alternate way to export your data. You might be surprised what you discover—and save yourself money and frustration in the process!

Step 2: Alogent’s team will help develop a plan for mapping images to AccuAccount. Together, you’ll also discuss how to handle expiration dates, comments, and other image data.

Step 3: If you’ve already started imaging into AccuAccount, we’ll ask you to take a brief break so we can migrate content from your old system. Once everything passes QC, you can resume using AccuAccount. (And, at this point, you probably won’t need your old system anymore!)

What About Documents that “Don’t Fit”?

We try our best to ensure a 1-to-1 fit between your old and new document structures. But, as any experienced lender will tell you, exceptions are a normal part of life in banking! Documents that don’t quite fit your new document structure can go into a document tab called “general conversion” (or something similar), which can be cleaned up later. This approach allows for a speedy conversion while ensuring everything makes it over to AccuAccount.

Interested in Switching to AccuAccount?

Whether you’re looking to migrate everything yourself or rely on us, Alogent can help you achieve a smooth transition. Contact us to learn more about our software and support.

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