ECM Digital Transformation

A Connected Institution: Better, More-Personalized Customer and Member Services Depends on Your Digital Transformation Efforts in the Back Office

Staffing difficulties are forcing organizations of all industries to be more efficient with technology and to enhance their automation capabilities. Banks and credit unions are no strangers to this challenge, layered with the shift in more customers and members banking remotely as a result of the pandemic. These account holders seek deep, meaningful engagements, wanting their banking needs met with the same friendly, familiar service they know, regardless of where, when, or how they transact. 

Although digital transformation isn’t new, meeting the market demand of 24/7/365-access with personalized service shines a new light on priorities, blending user-facing requirements with institutional efficiencies. To achieve this, financial institutions must remain focused on making meaningful connections at every touch-point – leveraging data that stems from fast access to information thanks to a powerful content and information management strategy and a streamlined and connected front and back office. 

So where does an institution begin? 

Let’s start by looking at the heart of your digital ecosystem. Your enterprise content and information management (ECM/EIM) solution should provide a modern avenue to engage and connect with customers and members, as well as streamline manual workflows and replace paper intensive processes - all with an intuitive and simple interface for account holders and employees. Account holders are no longer willing to sacrifice a premium user experience for the convenience of self-service. Every interaction matters, and your institution must make a positive impression at all touchpoints. A “user-first approach” is becoming the only approach to meet today’s expectations. 

In addition to ease-of-use, a strong platform acquires and digitizes documents and other items from all sources, understands and deciphers them on a holistic level, and speeds access to data through automatic routing and indexing. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning, workflows that mimic the way you already operate will eliminate delays, errors, and compliance risks associated with manual processes and siloed, unstructured information. 

This powerful, centralized digital information repository with anytime, anywhere search and retrieval both with account- and person-centric views for employees, as well as self-service interfaces that integrate with digital banking platforms, provides quick access to business-critical information. Your institution speeds time to informed decisions, while customers and members unlock a level of convenience they demand. The goal: make it faster and easier to manage data and information, regardless of its origin or format. 

Getting from point A-to-Z requires breaking down internal silos and strategically leveraging intelligent capabilities that work in tandem with one another - all of which power a strong digital ecosystem so your bank or credit union can effectively streamline business processes, speed decisions, and effectively deliver personalized services.

Alogent’s FASTdocs is a browser-based ECM/EIM suite designed specifically for financial institutions, helping them navigate market and user demands while maintaining a powerful digital information management strategy. Delivering more than document management, FASTdocs offers increased automation, faster workflow processes, and the ability for account holders to exchange information from outside the branch. Commended by our clients for its flexibility and user-friendly capabilities, FASTdocs automates business processes, drives paper-free efficiency, and is the cornerstone of your information management strategy. 

Learn more about FASTdocs as it revolutionizes ECM and EIM 

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