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Boost Productivity at your Financial Institution with Enhanced Cold Storage

Financial institutions use the phrase “cold storage” to describe technology for managing core-generated reports, statements, notices, images, and other documents. Front-line and back-office staff rely on cold storage to access a variety of information, including loan and account statements, teller transactions, and images of cashed checks.

Let’s take a closer look at cold storage and explore how financial institutions can streamline their workflows with FASTdocs from Alogent.

Two Common Use Cases for Cold Storage

Cold storage systems can support numerous use cases at banks and credit unions. Here are two practical examples as mentioned during our cold storage webinar

  1. Customer and Member Support: A customer calls your financial institution to inquire about a check that he wrote. Using cold storage, the support representative quickly locates and views the image of the check and efficiently answers the customer’s questions.
  2. Departmental Research: An operations team member needs to review new account reports for the previous three months. Performing a quick search in cold storage provides her with information she needs to complete the task—without having to leave her desk.

Securely Increasing Accessibility to Cold Storage Across the Financial Institution

At Alogent, we’re on a mission to digitize the entire transaction ecosystem for financial institutions. That’s why we develop enterprise information management solutions that consolidate fractured storage and increase accessibility—from the point of origin through the end-of-life of each document. Cold storage in FASTdocs helps financial institutions move closer to this reality by delivering:

Intuitive Search Functionality: With FASTdocs, staff can easily perform broad and filtered searches from their web browser of choice. Narrowing searches by date range, document type, report title, report ID, and other criteria surfaces information with fewer clicks.

“Find within Results” Feature: Simply locating a report in cold storage is only one part of the process. FASTdocs allows users to search for and find account numbers, vendor information, and other data within documents, saving users time and elevating productivity.

Convenient Reporting: Need to run a report on a regular basis? FASTdocs can be configured to provide quick access to commonly-run reports. In addition, users can easily (and securely) download, print, and share their report results with colleagues.

Flexible Controls: Use security groups, retention periods, and expiration dates in FASTdocs to support compliance and align with your financial institution’s policies and procedures.

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