Scan Paper Files in Minutes (with Bank Barcode Scanning)

Feeling stressed? Knowing that your institution has an ever-growing mountain of paper files just waiting to be scanned can certainly be overwhelming. But, with the right tools at your disposal, this formerly arduous process can be completed in record time. In our recent webinar, Reduce Stress with Better Scanning, we discussed several scanning strategies that can eliminate stress and increase efficiency. Continue reading to learn how barcode scanning can help your bank or credit union efficiently get images into customer accounts with paper files.

Scanning & Index

How much time does your bank or credit union spend on scanning documents? We've found that without barcodes, files take up to 8 minutes per document to prep, index, and scan. That’s a lot of wasted time! By utilizing barcodes during the preparation of a file, the scanning can be completed in less than 1 minute through a multifunction device.

bank scanning efficiency

*The above graphic is a slide from our presentation deck. 

Using AccuAccount Barcodes (A Quick Overview)

If you’re thinking about the switch to AccuAccount, allow us to explain how barcode scanning actually works. AccuAccount barcodes are used during the prepping of the file. Barcodes are used for credit, loan, deposit, or trust documents. While collecting documents, the prepping can begin by placing the barcode cover sheets in front of the documents (rather than the current tabs being used within paper files today). Once the customer and account is in your core system and the matching customer and account records have been updated within AccuAccount, the scanner can place the credit and account file on a multifunction device. It will scan the file within a minute or less to the required customer and accounts. Once the image is scanned into the multifunction device, the images can immediately be viewed within AccuAccount. Below is an example of what it would look like within AccuAccount using barcode cover sheets.

Using Your Doc Prep System’s Barcodes

Bank document preparation systems can further streamline the scanning process by allowing users the option to print barcodes directly on documents. Once the documents are signed and reviewed by your customer, there is no prepping of file required. To get these images into AccuAccount, place the customer and account cover sheet in front of the doc prep barcoded documents. They will be moved directly into the proper document within AccuAccount. This option saves a lot of time and makes it easier for scanning to be completed by people outside of the department. The example below shows a document with the barcode directly on the image from a doc prep system.

Bank Document Barcoded

Let’s review some of the benefits of utilizing barcoded images.

  • Efficiency - Barcoded images are a much faster way to get files into the system. This method is also very efficient for quality control.
  • No Stacking Order - When using barcoded images, files don’t need to be in a certain stacking order. AccuAccount is set up specific to your bank’s or credit union's stacking order when you implement the system.
  • Easy Scanning - When you scan files with a barcode, AccuAccount places them in correct tab without changing anything on the customer or account page.

Goodbye Stress, Hello Efficiency

Ready to take the next step in your quest for a paperless bank or credit union? Stay tuned for our next article in this series, which will provide some helpful tips for managing trailing documents and clearing exceptions.

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