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Alogent Welcomes AccuSystems to the Alogent Family!

Did you hear the news?! Alogent welcomed AccuSystems to the Alogent Family! AccuSystems is a leading provider of document imaging and exception management software for financial institutions, enhancing compliance, workflow management, tracking, and business process automation capabilities. This strategic acquisition strengthens our mutual enterprise content and information management (ECM / EIM) solution suites, and enables us to address the digital transformation needs of banks and credit unions of all sizes, directly impacting the efficiencies of their profit centers like consumer lending with enhanced workflow automation. 

Today financial institutions are rapidly embracing solutions that enable better customer and member services, while strategically working to reduce operational costs and improve productivity. Traditional ways of operating just don’t meet the needs of today’s fast-moving banking industry, resulting in a massive wave of technology modernization. The goal: differentiation, strengthened institutional loyalty, and higher asset growth and profitability – all because of better efficiencies. 

In fact, according to the 2020 Deloitte Financial Services survey, banks that had been relying primarily on paper-based workflows saw about a 25% reduction in operating expenses simply by incorporating automated, digital solutions into their institutions. 
Despite the need and quantifiable benefits, getting started can be a struggle for some given the sheer volume of data and documents produced daily. Does your bank or credit union struggle with:

  • Automating manual processes and bottlenecks?
  • Time-consuming audits because of disparate systems or paper documents?
  • Time-to-approval for paper-intensive workflows like lending or accounts payable, or the ability to efficiently track and report throughout these processes?  
  • Understaffed teams and aging technology? 
  • Independent systems or disparate databases? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you’re not alone. Empower your entire financial institution, including leadership teams, customer / member services teams, lenders, and even the back-office to better track and manage all types of information - paper, audio, video, or an image – and make it instantly available, searchable, and reportable. 

The integration of Alogent and AccuSystems brings these best-in-class capabilities together under a unified go-to-market approach and allows you to better transform your data into easy-to-use insights through more enhanced digital workflows. Combine those capabilities with fast access to business-critical data, and your teams will be positioned to make quicker decisions and to bring more effective, personalized products to market. 

Together, under the Alogent umbrella, our process automation solutions are redefining content and information management for banks and credit unions, strengthening the workflow capabilities across all departments and profit centers, resulting in better efficiencies, faster responses, and lower operating costs. We’re excited to share more with you through discussions and demos. 

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