Real-Time Invoicing and Payments,
Developed Specifically for the SMB

Designed for financial institutions as a small- to mid-sized business (SMB) offering, MyBusiness by Alogent is a financial institution-backed real-time e-invoicing and payments solution. Strengthening bank customer and credit union member relationships with capabilities that are commonly provided by third-party fintechs, the financial institution reduces customer attrition and enables the SMB to operate their business from a mobile device, without having to look outside of their existing payments network. MyBusiness by Alogent brings a number of proven capabilities and Alogent solutions together into a single offering, including digital banking, remote capture, content management and invoice processing. 

Work From Where It’s Convenient – Even The Field

Deliver SMBs with the convenience of quickly creating, sending, storing and reconciling invoices on a mobile phone or tablet from anywhere, at any time.

  • Designed for small business
  • Create, send and save invoices
  • Collect payments on-the-spot
  • Pin or biometric authentication
  • Supports integrations with contact databases, inventory management, accounting systems, and reporting dashboards
Work from where it's convenient

Deliver a Faster Payment Cycle

With pin and biometric authentication, SMBs can generate an invoice and immediately collect payments on-the-spot through various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, cash and checks. Save the business time and increase their liquidity.

MyBusiness also supports the integration of a contact database and inventory system for immediate reporting, eliminating errors, backlogs and days sales outstanding (DSO). Plus, gain valuable insight into transaction data for business intelligence and upselling. 

Flexible and Scalable for the SMB, a Competitive Offering for the Financial Institution

Invoicing and collecting payments can be stressful and time consuming for SMBs. Remove these pain-points with MyBusiness and let the business focus on what they do best, support their customers. Available as an integrated capability, MyBusiness has a minimum technology footprint and is scalable to grow with the SMB while increasing payment volumes for the bank or credit union.