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Alogent and Antuar Partner to bring Branch Banking into the Digital World

Alogent announced a partnership with Antuar to provide integrated end-to-end check processing capabilities for teller capture. Together, Alogent’s Unify, and Antuar’s inBranch Transact, bring modern capabilities to banks and credit unions looking to refresh their teller capture solutions, streamlining transaction workflows from the teller, to the Fed, and back. Unify is an industry leading deposits automation platform that powers all full- and self-service channels. inBranch Transact offers a full-service teller application with a range of services that facilitate cash, and check and payment services management for banks and credit unions. 

“In-branch banking solutions are a priority for our customers who are continuously looking for innovative ways to improve employee experiences and enhance the account holder journey through branch transformation efforts,” said Dede Wakefield, Alogent’s CEO. “Partnering with Antuar brings additional capabilities to Alogent’s clients that can differentiate their teller platforms, drive productivity, and increase account holder loyalty with improved services.”

The seamless integration between Unify and inBranch Transact allows staff to use a single web-based interface to process transactions, maintaining all benefits of Unify’s omni-channel deposits platform and cross-channel fraud mitigation capabilities. Banks and credit unions also benefit from Antuar’s connectivity to their back-end services like CRMs, core banking systems, and workflow solutions, driving personalization in real-time with enhanced productivity. 

“Antuar’s inBranch solution set is focused on the customer, branch and teller user experience and efficiencies.  Integrating to Alogent’s leading deposits solution allows both companies to focus on their areas of expertise, while taking advantage of each other’s industry proven products,” said Gearoid Power, CEO, Antuar.

This partnership demonstrates a shared vision to deliver an innovative solution to banks and credit unions who are seeking best-in-breed branch and teller capabilities that improve user experiences, modernize transaction processing workflows, and ultimately deliver a time and cost-savings to banks and credit unions.

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