Finding the balance between high-tech and high-touch

Industry Insights: Finding the balance between high-tech and high-touch

It’s been a couple of decades since Bill Gates said, “Banking is necessary. Banks are not.”

Now that so many formerly branch-only transactions can be done online, with a smartphone app or through a fintech provider, do financial institutions still fit into the mix? And does anyone know where the optimum balance is between high-tech and high-touch?

Traditional banks and credit unions are grappling with the complexity of making both in-person and digital customer experiences seamless, efficient and personalized. Interactive teller machines (ITMs), artificial intelligence (AI), automated chatbots and appointment setters are a few of the innovations financial institutions are trying to bring a human touch to digital interactions. Meanwhile, branches are being re-engineered and remodeled to make them more streamlined and appealing.

We’ve rounded up these recent articles to help you take a close look at how industry innovators are bridging this gap and meeting the needs of both digital natives and brick-and-mortar fans:

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