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Enterprise Payment Solutions
Enterprise Payment Solutions


Scalable enterprise payments and deposits automation solutions for any banking environment. Benefit from an open banking platform and an API-driven approach with fast access to cross-channel data.

Alogent combines our expertise and robust technology platforms to tailor solutions to financial institutions of all sizes, and to scale for unprecedented growth potential: from community banks and credit unions, to international institutions.

Our end-to-end check capture solutions and item processing platforms address all in-branch and remote banking channels with our patent-pending open banking approach powered by a single API. With fraud detection capabilities at the point of presentment, and the ability to interface with a single dashboard for enterprise-wide data analytics, Alogent ensures transaction data, fraud trends, deposit volumes, user journey insights, and more, are at your fingertips for faster decisions.

From full-service transaction processing in the branch, to self-service banking from the convenience of anywhere, Alogent’s Check 21 enterprise payment processing solutions are flexible, scalable, and deployable on-premise and in hosted cloud environments.

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Digital Banking Solutions
Digital Banking Solutions


Online, mobile and digital banking capabilities for consumers and businesses. Streamlined flexibility and automation for your future.

Alogent's digital banking platform drives a greater lifetime value and lowers your total cost of ownership. Go-live quickly with NXT's robust out-of-the-box capabilities, hundreds of pre-built configurations to leading industry solutions, and an SDK for added customization to meet unique bank or credit union goals. Flexible and customizable, the API-based platform is upgrade-ready and scalable to for limitless growth potential. 

With a single, consistent user experience, and a device-agnostic approach, future-proof your institution's digital channels and keep users in-solution and engaged by offering a complete ecosystem of complimentary services, personalized marketing messages, and campaigns based on their own financial stories. 

Deep integrations to Alogent’s full product suite and data analytics platform go a step further to fully optimize the digital experience. Backed by our track record for quality and continuous upgrades, Alogent’s online banking, mobile banking, and digital banking platform is cloud-ready and available through a full range of hosted and on-premise options to deploy into virtually any bank or credit union environment.

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Process Automation Solutions
Process Automation Solutions


Enterprise content and information management solutions built for the unique needs of the financial services market.

With a web-based, browser, device, and operating system agnostic architecture, our intelligent ECM and EIM solutions are proven to drive efficiency and speed your digital transformation journey. Enable faster data-backed decisions and access to business intelligence with end-to-end document and data automation powered by AI and machine learning capabilities. Eliminate manual processes across your financial institution's paper-intensive workflows and see the benefits through increased account holder satisfaction. 

Alogent’s enterprise content and information management platform was built uniquely for the needs of banks and credit unions, along with its cloud-based and mobile-ready loan origination solution (LOS). Streamline critical business processes 24x7x365 through a combination of in-branch, web-based, and mobile banking tools. By saving time and money, and increasing meaningful engagements across your financial institution, Alogent’s process automation platforms build a strong digital ecosystem that replace costly and error-prone processes and scale effortlessly. 

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Explore the benefits of moving all deposit solutions to the cloud under the same open banking platform that leverages a common set of code. Power all full- and self-service channels, including Day 1 and Day 2 processing, with just 1 API.


Consolidate. Streamline. Unify.

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Alogent's enterprise banking solutions are proven to digitize and automate the transaction workflows of financial institutions of all sizes.

2400+ financial institutions worldwide
Financial Institutions Worldwide
335m mobile items processed annualy
Mobile Items Processed Annually
170,000 in-branch check capture seats
In-Branch Check Capture Seats
140,000+ tellers capturing checks in real-
Tellers Capturing Checks in Real-Time
143,000 ATM/ITM and business desktop RDC 
ATM/ITM & Business Desktop RDC locations
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Innovation Hub

Alogent delivers innovative solutions that digitize and automate the financial services world.

Alogent Welcomes AccuSystems
to the Alogent Family!

We’re excited to announce that Alogent and AccuSystems have joined forces and will continue to bring best-in-class enterprise content and information management (ECM / EIM) solutions to market under the Alogent umbrella. These capabilities, combined with our continued dedication to enterprise payments and digital banking, strengthen Alogent's end-to-end solutions available to financial institutions.

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