Branches Matter: Make the Most of Personal Interactions

Your branches continue to play a key role in member relationships, despite increased use of remote services. Turn every in-branch contact into an opportunity that counts by streamlining common transactions like check deposits—and save operational costs as well.

Transform the Branch Experience

Compelling member service means providing the same user experience across all deposit channels. With transactions—and thus, members—migrating out of the branch, personal interactions mean more than ever. When you automate check deposits at the teller line and add personal service to an automated ITM deposit with extended hours—or both—you give your members efficiency and choice. Alogent gives you three widely-adopted capture points:

  1. Teller capture
  2. Branch capture
  3. Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) capture

Spur Operational Efficiency

In-branch capture promotes productivity and boosts accuracy. Manual data entry is error-prone and multiplies paper handling. Alogent’s in-branch solutions automatically detect and remove On-Us items, transmit checks for processing and clearing in real-time, and reduce exceptions.

Tangible Cost Reductions

Save keystrokes and manual errors with integrated IQA and sophisticated character recognition. Prevent losses with real-time fraud, counterfeit and duplicate detection. Slash overtime by keeping tellers in balance throughout the day and fully-automating Day 1/Day 2 item processing.

Deploy and Flexibly Integrate In-Branch Capture

Implementing Alogent’s in-branch capture points is easy and adaptable to your environment. ITM capture comes fully integrated into many leading video teller devices. Teller is either integrated into the core teller workflow, or works as a standalone. Branch capture is a stepping stone to real-time automation that also works as a perfect backup or extra workstation. All capture solutions can integrate with Alogent’s payment hub, and work in-house or expertly hosted.

In-branch Capture Everywhere

Teller Capture
Teller Capture
Branch Capture
Branch Capture
ITM Capture
ITM Capture


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Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union: ImagePoint Suite

Scott Young Hawaii USA FCU

We handle an average of 3,300 over-the-counter items and 5,800 in-clearings per month. Before the upgrade, checks from all our branches had to be physically transported, which introduced delays, required high cost couriers, and piled on staff overtime of up to three hours a day. Now, we get items into the queue faster, we have virtually no daily backlog, our costs dropped significantly beginning in the very first month, and we can respond quickly to member queries.

Scott Young
AVP Central Operations
Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union