eBook: Payments Modernization and Branch Transformation

Despite the popularity of digital channels, mobile banking, and brick and mortar branch closures over the last year, account holders still choose to visit a branch for specific types of transactions, education and to engage with branch staff. It's important to reinvigorate the branch so that it remains current - just as it is to ensure its range of services meets your customer or member needs. 

There are many components that go into turning the physical branch into a full retail experience. To be successful, a branch transformation effort must incorporate new innovative products and services that improve efficiencies and user journeys on an enterprise-level. As remote and branch environments continue to change, the bank of the future must ensure scalability and flexibility, but still maintain consistency – across all points-of-engagement. 

Transforming your retail branch into a customer centric location isn't an overnight event, but reinvigorating the experience can yield tangible results. When done correctly, everyone wins with reduced overhead and costs, increased revenue for the bank or credit union, improved customer experiences, and a successful blend of in-branch and digital solutions. 

Learn more about a transformed payments ecosystem and tips on how to transform your retail branch.