[Playbook] Using a Document Portal with an Imaging System

Here’s the situation: Your financial institution is looking for a more convenient way to collect and organize documents from customers or members. One idea that keeps coming up involves using an online portal that would allow people to securely upload their electronic files. When used properly, an electronic file sharing system can create efficiencies for both the end user and the financial institution. Many such systems exist, but simply collecting documents is only one part of the story. You need a seamless handoff from your portal to your document imaging system.

This article shares two “plays” for collecting electronic documents with a portal and saving them into an imaging system.

Play #1: Link to Your Portal from Notice Emails

One of the most underutilized features in AccuAccount might be the ability to send notices via email (instead of through the mail). Pairing email notice letters with a secure document portal delivers the best of both worlds—your financial institution can automate a large amount of follow-up activity and customers or members gain a convenient, secure way to share their documentation.

Here’s the Game Plan

Step 1: Locate the link to your financial institution’s document portal. If you’re not sure, ask your vendor for a static website URL that can be shared with customers or members. Also, check your portal’s settings to ensure loan administrators and other stakeholders are notified as documents are uploaded. 

Step 2: In AccuAccount, edit your notice letter email template to include a hyperlink to the document portal. Once updated, outgoing emails will automatically include a link to your portal.

Pro Tip: Consider adding a sentence or two that provides specific instructions for using the document portal link. Something like this might work: “Click on the following hyperlink to access our secure document portal and upload electronic copies of your documentation.

Step 3: As documents are uploaded to your portal, staff can easily drag and drop files to the correct record in AccuAccount. AccuAccount supports browser-to-browser drag and drop as well as the ability to use “File>Print…” via our virtual printer.

Play #2: Include Your Portal URL in Printed Notice Letters

Not ready to start sending notice letters via email? AccuAccount also supports traditional (paper) notice letters, which can be customized to create awareness for your document portal.

Here’s the Game Plan

Step 1: Locate your portal URL and make sure the right users will receive alerts for new uploads, as outlined in Step 1 of the previous play.

Step 2: In AccuAccount, modify your notice letter template to include the portal URL. Messaging is especially important when including website information in the body of a printed letter. Explain why the URL is included in the letter and how it should be used.

Pro Tip: Check to see if your vendor can provide a custom portal URL. Shorter is usually better. For example, a URL containing your bank’s name is more ideal than one containing 25+ random letters.

Step 3: As in the previous play, staff can easily move documents into AccuAccount as soon as they’re available in your portal. AccuAccount offers imaging solutions that fit almost any use case and workflow.


Need a better way to collect electronic documents from customers or members? Contact us to learn about customizable notice letters and other AccuAccount features.

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