Risk Management
through Document Imaging

Still managing loan files the old fashioned way with stacks of file folders and loan documents? What would your bank or credit union do if a flood, fire, or other natural disaster destroyed these files? Managing credit files in such a fashion is not only dangerous, it is extremely inefficient. As a resource to your bank or credit union, Alogent is offering its helpful white paper on managing bank risk through document imaging. This banking white paper provides a glimpse into the tangible and intangible benefits of implementing a document imaging system, bolstering your operational risk management. Feel free to use this bank white paper as background information as you initiate your risk assessment process.

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Integrated Imaging

Integrated solution offering banks and credit unions imaging and exception tracking.

Simplified Scanning

Makes scanning and accessing electronic versions of bank documents just a click away.

Enhanced Control

Enhances control of information, providing a “digital backup” of all documentation.

Boost Productivity

Save time and streamline productivity and elevate bank profitability.

15,000+ BANKERS

Banks and credit unions count on Alogent to electronically image loan, deposit, trust, and operational documents. AccuAccount been trusted by banks and credit unions for over two decades for loan document imaging, deposit tracking, signature imaging, accounts payable management, and more. Alogent’s imaging software works seamlessly with your core banking system, providing an integrated way to scan, store, and manage digital and electronic documentation.


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So what makes our solution an effective risk management system? Perhaps one of the most overlooked risks by banks and credit unions is the potential information loss represented by hard copy loan files and other documents. If just a single credit file were misplaced or damaged, it could represent mountains of duplicate paperwork to recreate the original information. By implementing a risk management framework such as the AccuAccount platform, you can tackle operations risk head on. Banking risk management is more than just credit risk analysis!

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Risk Management Software

Ready to learn more about how AccuAccount can supplement your risk management efforts? We’re happy to work with your existing bank's or credit union's risk management program to ensure our platform is a good fit for your institution. To learn more about how Alogent is improving operational risk management at banks and credit unions, contact us today.


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