Time to Sunset Your Core’s Imaging Module?

Your core system recently announced that it will be “sunsetting” its imaging module. On the one hand, you’ve never been a big fan of the core’s imaging module. It’s difficult to use, and finding documents is time-consuming. On the other hand, what other options do you realistically have? Your bank or credit union has invested a lot of time and money into your core. Considering a third-party imaging product never really seemed like an option. Now, you’re faced with a choice. Should you go through the effort of migrating to your core’s “better” imaging module? What happens if they sunset the new module five years from now? Will you have to go through all of this again? At Alogent, we frequently talk to bankers who struggle with questions like these. Here’s why 15,000 bankers use AccuAccount—instead of a core-provided imaging module.

1. AccuAccount is 100% Focused on Imaging & Tracking

Talk with our team and you’ll quickly see that we’re dedicated to imaging and tracking. Our solution suites are focused on efficiency and AccuAccount is a core-integrated document management system that’s used by more than 15,000 bankers.

Animation of a computer screen that shows AccuAccount

For banks that only want tracking, we offer a Tickler product. For banks and credit unions that only want imaging but no tracking, we have solutions for that, too. We also offer a few add-on modules for AccuAccount. That’s it. Simply put, we offer products that make imaging and tracking easier for financial institutions.

2. Integrations with 30+ Cores & Banking Systems

Core imaging modules present another obvious, yet frequently overlooked problem: Your core’s imaging module is inextricably linked to your core! Sure, it may seem unlikely that you’ll ever switch core systems. But, believe it or not, banks and credit unions do it all the time and for a variety of reasons:

  • Institutional acquisitions
  • Changes in management
  • Auditor recommendations
  • Contract renewals
  • Acquisitions of one core by another core provider
  • Evolving market conditions

Things change, and with it comes even more change. That’s why switching cores—as complex as it may sound—is somewhat common in the banking industry. So, what will happen to your document imaging ecosystem if your bank ever decides to switch cores? It might put your documents into a hostage-like situation that’s difficult to resolve.

A Core-Integrated Strategy Gives You More Options: Now is an excellent opportunity to evaluate all of your options—including a core-integration document management system, like AccuAccount. For the sake of discussion, let’s assume that your bank decides to switch cores three years from now. Continued reliance on your current core’s imaging module is just delaying the inevitable. You’ll eventually have to start all over from scratch and migrate thousands of documents into your new ecosystem. If you’re on AccuAccount, however, you can rest easy. We already offer dozens of integrations and are adding more each year. Should your bank decide to switch cores, we would simply integrate to your new core—and life goes on without interruption.

3. “Community” is Key to What We Do

Your financial institution is called a “community” bank or credit union for good reason. You’re not a mega institution. You know the people in your community, and you’re in the business of providing them great financial services to improve their lives and help them achieve their dreams. You’re all about helping people—particularly those within your community.

Sunsets are Beautiful

Don’t fret about your core’s decision to sunset its imaging module. Sure, it’s stressful. But, as with any sunset, there is beauty—especially if you know where to look. At Alogent, we’re here to help you avoid stress and ensure business continuity during this challenging time. Learn more about our imaging system or schedule a free demo to see how it works.

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