Are Your Documents Being Held Hostage?

Maintaining control over your documents may not seem like the plot from a Hollywood thriller. That being said, banks and credit unions often find themselves facing what feels like a hostage situation. On one hand, you’ve invested far too much effort into your core imaging module to simply walk away. On the other hand, you can’t keep tolerating poorly coded software and lack-luster support. What options do you realistically have? In this post, we’ll share tips for resolving the standoff by migrating to an integrated, third-party document management system.

A Situation That’s Complicated

You never intended to get into this situation. “Let’s just use the core imaging module for now,” your boss said. Five years later, and it feels like there’s no turning back. To date, your team has scanned and indexed thousands of document images. And, although you’d love a fresh start by switching to a more user-friendly system, the thought of conversion seems like an insurmountable task. As a result, you’ve essentially deemed the hostage situation unresolvable. How did your institution get into such a predicament? If you’re like most banks or credit unions, it wasn’t a proactive choice. Rather, it was merely the byproduct of one or more of these factors:

Most cores offer a basic imaging module. Why not use your core system’s built-in imaging module? Sure, it’s pretty basic and doesn’t offer integrated document tracking…but hey, it’s cheap (or free!) and better than paper documents – right?

The core always seems like the “safest choice. No one was ever reprimanded for recommending a core-built application. Even though your team knew it lacked certain features, everyone at the institution just “felt more confident” by selecting the core’s solution.

Imaging can sometimes be an afterthought. Let’s be honest: the decision to use your core’s imaging module probably wasn’t the most strategic choice your bank or credit union has ever made. The module was available, and it seemed good enough at the time.

Core systems don’t always offer an easy way to migrate your documents. As you’re now learning, even if you wanted to make a switch to a different system, your core doesn’t make it easy.

Long-term contracts compound the situation. Five years ago, no one predicted that your bank or credit union would be considering a different core provider. If your institution switched cores, would you lose all of the hard work you’ve invested into the imaging module? It’s a valid question.

Freedom from the Core

If you’re tired of feeling like your documents are being held hostage, perhaps it’s time to consider a core-free solution. Maybe it’s time to consider AccuAccount.

Intuitive & Powerful. AccuAccount integrates to 30+ core banking systems and synchronizes customer, account, and relationship information into an intuitive browser-based interface. Unlike your core’s imaging module, which probably organizes documents in a hierarchical format, AccuAccount manages documents in a highly intuitive way. Each customer’s page looks like a traditional loan file, delivering instant access to important details and documents.

Animation of a computer screen that shows AccuAccount


Built for Tracking. Digitizing your documents is a good start. However, you might be missing out on an opportunity to streamline your document tracking processes. AccuAccount connects imaging and tracking under one roof, saving your loan operations team hours of tedious work and frees up lenders to close more loans.


Drag and Drop AccuAccount Imaging


Control Over Your Documents. In addition to being more user-friendly, AccuAccount empowers your bank or credit union to take full control of your documents. No longer are you locked into a system that doesn’t meet your needs. No more worries about the impact of switching cores. AccuAccount delivers a portable approach to document management.

Support for the Transition. Our top-rated, US-based support team has helped hundreds of banks and credit unions make the switch to an independent imaging system. Our team works hard to keep more than 15,000 bankers happy, and we’d love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. We’re even able to help you convert your backlog of core images into AccuAccount! Just chat with one of our team members today, and I’m confident that you’ll be impressed.

Don’t Be Held Hostage

Ready to see how a core-integrated document management system can make your job easier? Watch our 5-minute overview of AccuAccount and take control of your institution's documents.

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