The Only Check Processing Solution You’ll Ever Need

When you adopt Alogent’s suite of payment processing solutions, you enter a world of fully automated fraud prevention, cashletter creation, inclearing and return handling, and archiving. Over 1,400 credit unions use these solutions to cut costs to the bone and eliminate waste and delays.

Carry Automation Into The Back Office

Image-based check capture is the starting point for automation—complete the process with fully-image-enabled back office operations. Savvy credit unions gain significant efficiencies by adopting Alogent’s widely-deployed solutions for back-office functions:

  1. Payment hub integration
  2. Inclearings and returns management
  3. Enterprise duplicate detection
  4. Cross-channel fraud detection
  5. Long-term custom check archiving

Stop Fraud Across All Channels in Real Time

Checks remain the leading source of payments fraud, affecting most financial institutions. Real-time detection protects you and your members by allowing you to act fast when duplicates or counterfeits are presented. Alogent’s fraud solutions validate checks immediately, from all capture points and inclearings, against databases that include 90% of all U.S. deposit accounts.

Excel in Service Responsiveness

How checks are archived and stored matters. A robust system provides immediate access so you can answer member queries, and adds web-based home-banking access functionality seamlessly.

Day 1/Day 2 Operations Done in Minutes

To achieve maximum efficiency and accuracy, aggregate all items and capture points, and completely automate processing. Alogent solutions are easily configured, simplify review and corrections, generate and transmit cashletters as needed, automate pay/no-pay decisions and create core posting files as often as required.

Total Day 1, Day 2 and Archiving

Check Payments Hub
Check Payments Hub
Inclearings and Returns Manager
Inclearings and Returns Manager
Duplicate, Fraud and Counterfeit Detection
Duplicate, Fraud and Counterfeit Detection
Permanent Long-term Archiving
Permanent Long-term Archiving


White Paper
Cheating With Checks: An Update on the Changing Check Fraudscape

Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union: ImagePoint Suite

Scott Young Hawaii USA FCU

We handle an average of 3,300 over-the-counter items and 5,800 in-clearings per month. Before the upgrade, checks from all our branches had to be physically transported, which introduced delays, required high cost couriers, and piled on staff overtime of up to three hours a day. Now, we get items into the queue faster, we have virtually no daily backlog, our costs dropped significantly beginning in the very first month, and we can respond quickly to member queries.

Scott Young
AVP Central Operations
Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union