Employee Engagement and the Success (or Failure) of your Digital Transformation Project

Employee Engagement and the Success (or Failure) of your Digital Transformation Project

Efficiency is the Name of the Game

Digital transformation: two words that have taken over the financial services industry and completely changed the way banks and credit unions operate. Noted as a top priority for many executives, investing in such technology is often understood to be a benefit for their institution. It’s commonly believed that ‘digital transformation’ narrowly means offering digital tools to customers and members, and while this is likely a component of your larger effort, the scope and benefits reach much wider. 

Typically when introducing a new solution or process, it’s thought about in relation to customers and members – how will it impact their engagement and what benefits will they see. However, it’s equally important to remember the employee experience when considering new enterprise content and information management offerings (ECM / EIM) to achieve your digital transformation goals. Yes, account holders will likely see updates and be introduced to new solutions, but these changes will directly and significantly impact your employees’ day-to-day productivity and how they do their jobs. 

If planned and implemented strategically, a digital transformation effort will harness the power to digitize, streamline and completely reshape the way your teams operate, benefiting all users, as well as the overall efficiency of your bank or credit union through more streamlined workflows and intelligent capabilities. Investing in solutions that redefine processes not only helps eliminate paper-intensive and manual efforts, but it reduces costs and saves time so a focus can instead be placed on account holder services linked to engagement. 

Keeping your employees informed during such efforts is important to the overall success of your project. While some may initially think ECM / EIM solutions will equate to the elimination of roles, that doesn’t have to be true. Instead, efficiency is the name of the game. Intelligent functionality like routing and indexing speed workflows, search becomes comprehensive and fast, data and documents are easily accessible, and new remote and self-service features seamlessly extend banking conveniences. In addition to automation, digital transformation efforts can be the catalyst to breakdown internal data silos and drive greater transparency, empowering employees with role-based visual dashboards and quick access to business-critical information.

Listening to the voices of those who work on the front lines with your account holders is key to the success of your transformation project - these efforts, nor employee involvement, can be successful in a vacuum. Satisfaction helps drive positive account holder experiences and ultimately translates into institutional loyalty and retention. 

The bottom line: the benefits of your digital transformation efforts extend beyond your account holders, and ultimately are an investment in your employees’ and institutions’ long-term success.

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