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Beyond Digital Banking Tools: Prioritizing the Entire User Experience

Offering digital banking tools isn’t enough to stand out in today’s banking market. Some institutions have taken this as a need to continuously release new digital capabilities, at the cost of a cohesive and streamlined user experience (UX). Banks and credit unions, however, must instead find the balance between features that attract new users, enhance their banking relationships, and support an overall cohesive and intuitive user journey. While new capabilities are needed to meet changing market and account holder demands, ensuring these added tools fit seamlessly within the existing digital banking platform as complementary offerings is a must - adding value and not segmenting the UX even more. 

Further supporting the UX are important customization capabilities such as the ability to reflect your brand identity through the user interface (UI), inclusion of colors, logos and the way product names are displayed. As a full package, the marriage of UI and UX delivers a unique and personalized experience that keeps users engaged. 

Ensuring Self-Service Through Digital Channels

Users want to feel connected to their institution even through remote channels, yet often prefer self-service solutions rather than speaking with another person. This pandemic-resulted behavior has forced banks and credit unions to focus on their digital user journey, understanding that the same level of user satisfaction, personalization and branding that was felt in-branch must translate into these online and mobile platforms. 

Today’s increased usage of remote solutions has also resulted in the need for seamlessly embedded capabilities that intuitively support financial wellness, such as credit scoring, alerts, and other educational tools. Additional AI-driven capabilities, like virtual assistants, also support a simple UX, extending the ability for customers and members to engage on their terms but still receive the same level of service. 

Digital Ecosystems 

It’s important to ensure digital banking enhancements remain strategically in-line with the overall user experience and that any new capabilities extend your existing digital ecosystem. Siloed tools do little to help create a cohesive user journey and often frustrate account holders as they must leave their current apps or browser when banking. Platforms comprised of these isolated offerings cause further dissatisfaction and risk abandonment, rather than keeping account holders engaged.

Multi-Channel Experience 

Just as digital experiences require a cohesive backbone that weaves different tools together, feature parity is a key component to any strong digital banking offering. Creating an intuitive UX within a unified platform allows for capabilities available on one device or browser to be available on another. Account holders expect the ability to transact seamlessly, regardless of the channel they choose to engage. Although the choice is theirs, banks and credit unions can help shape the user journey with educational and gamification capabilities, guiding customers and members to different features and self-service tools with rewards. 

A strong digital user journey allows for a true retail banking experience and isn’t always about offering the next shiny new feature, but instead ensuring it supports your institution’s strategic goals. Convenient and consistent experiences deliver far greater value than just offering new tools that don’t work cohesively together.

NXT, Alogent’s online, mobile and digital banking platform offers a unified experience user-first approach. With a focus on the user journey and overall banking experience, our digital banking team leverages the expertise and support of our UI/UX experts to create a cohesive, digital ecosystem with data-backed capabilities. Its API-driven platform and open architecture offers hundreds of pre-built configurations to third party capabilities, as well as a software toolkit (SDK) to meet the unique goals of your bank or credit union.  

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