A Fresh New Look for ECM / EIM: FASTdocs Gets a Sleek Update

A Fresh New Look for your Enterprise Content and Information Management Platform: FASTdocs Gets a Sleek Update

With an app for everything and a device in everyone’s hand, user experience is become more critical to the adoption and success of any solution – even in the banking world. Core capabilities that address needs today and flex for tomorrow, combined with simple and intuitive interfaces, position a bank or credit union on the path for continued success. These principles are embedded into Alogent’s suite of solutions, including FASTdocs, our ECM / EIM platform that leverages AI, machine learning, and other intelligent capabilities to address the specific needs of financial institutions. 

In today’s changing market landscape, inclusive of staffing shortages and remote banking, Alogent understands the need to power smart automation across the enterprise that increases efficiencies and speeds access to actionable data – for employees, and customers and members, alike. Our continued investment in product updates, new feature developments, and improved user journeys, is just the start. 

This “continuous improvement” philosophy applies to our full solution suite, including FASTdocs, ensuring the platform delivers maximum impact to your institution and powers your end-to-end content and information ecosystem. These innovation updates continue simultaneous to our focus on delivering full support to all current product in the field. Over the last year alone, this approach has also yielded the addition of many new features such as Batch Scan, Expired Documents, Workflow, External APIs, and our most recent release of Event Driven Workflows (check out an earlier post on Classification and Automation here, and one on Event Driven Workflows here).  

UI/UX Refresh for Improved User Experiences

We’re also excited to share that our teams are actively working on a major HTML5 refresh to ensure best-in-class usability and user journeys, redesigning the full solution suite. Since FASTdocs will soon be a browser-only application, no software downloads will be required at login. Instead, FASTdocs will feature a modern user interface that reduces clicks, making finding information faster and leveraging a reimagined layout that allows all actions to be logically grouped.

Phase 1 of this approach is both browser and platform agnostic, allowing you to select your preference of both - if you prefer Chrome to Edge, or Mac to Windows, you can use either. Phase I will also replace the Document Module, its main use-case.

Faster Access to Information

Team Alogent is actively improving the way actions are performed in FASTdocs, as well as its response speed. We understand that speed is critical, and the importance of page load times, along with having quick access to all information needed – in a conveniently displayed manner and without further drill-downs. User experience and overall efficiency remain a focus, and our goal is to deliver capabilities that allow you to do more, faster.  An example of this is a new feature called “My Recent Documents,” available on the home page. This quick view will enable users to see all recent files upon login for faster access. 

New features and enhancements are designed with you, our clients, in mind. The organization and display of documents and metadata, for example, was designed to deliver improved efficiencies, and to allow accessibility without additional navigation steps. When viewing a document, it will always be displayed with indexes so you can see the image of the document at the same time that you see how it was indexed - creating a better  user experience. Users will also be able to confirm they have the correct document faster by viewing thumbnails, indexes, and other properties to confirm within the list of documents. 

Enhanced Security

In addition to a modernized user experience and even more automation, the FASTdocs’ Team is focused on enhanced security capabilities. With ground-up development, Alogent utilizes the latest coding techniques, as well as performs  automated vulnerabilities tests to ensure your data and access is rock-solid. 

With social media and other solutions at our fingertips, the need for more user-friendly platforms that are easy to use – but effective - carries over to the banking world.  It’s time to let your technology deliver more automation and efficiency, and apply the time saved on training and internal support to customer and member services, instead. 

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