About Alogent

Alogent is the new standard for the bank transaction ecosystem. 

Alogent, a premier provider of deposit automation for 20+ years, now serves banks of all sizes—community through global. We offer a comprehensive range of advanced payment capture and processing automation solutions. 

Growth and prosperity for our clients drives everything Alogent does.  

Whether your focus is on account growth, efficiency, cost reduction, service levels or operational resilience, Alogent is how you can meet your strategic goals.

Flexibly meet the next waves of change with the right technology platform and partner. Take advantage of our advanced payment automation, innovative self-services, and measurable performance outcomes.

Why Alogent?

Top Client Satisfaction

Over 2,400 institutions turn to Alogent to keep their competitive edge and satisfy changing demands. More than 90% of our clients renew year over year. They give Alogent consistently high marks for continuous upgrades, scalable/customizable solutions, reliability/uptime, secure performance, and unsurpassed ongoing support.

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Proven All-Out Innovation

Alogent has been delivering early and sustained innovation across the transaction ecosystem since 1995, including proven enterprise deposit automation, Check21 teller capture, mobile capture, enterprise information management, and digital banking.

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Integrated Check Capture

Checks are still with us, and Alogent knows how to leverage efficiency gains by streamlining check deposits across all channels, including remote options that are convenient and reduce in-branch costs. We support 170,000+ bank/front counter seats, plus 143,000 ATMs and ITMs, with consistent attention to fraud loss prevention.

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Fintech That Serves Banks

Alogent brings the benefits and agility of sophisticated financial technologies to boost banks’ ability to respond competitively to a changing market. Our solutions never compromise on security or regulatory compliance.

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Experience Alogent’s full-time commitment to every client’s continuing bottom-line success.

In addition to our high-performance, stable, compliant solutions, Alogent partners gain access to our teams of account managers, consultants, analysts, genius developers, and precision implementation and support specialists. We understand how banks work, and bring our many years of experience to every client engagement.

Our Annual User Conference offers further opportunities for collaboration as we explore what works now, and what’s on the horizon.