Alogent Leadership

Team Alogent has vast and varied experience in both technical and executive aspects of financial services, software and solutions, including migrating and supporting our systems and clients. The company's carefully curated team of experts ensures that every product and service is on-target for its intended users.

Dede Wakefield

Chief Executive Officer

Dede guides corporate vision, mission, values and strategic plans, and is ultimately responsible for delivering on commitments to our clients and partners. She is a founding member of Alogent.

Before joining Alogent, Dede spent two years as Chief Financial Officer at GT Nexus overseeing financial performance and strategy. Prior to GT Nexus she served as the Senior Vice President of Finance for Global Payments, a public global-commerce company in the credit-card and payments industry. She also served as the VP of Corporate Finance for CheckFree Corporation (now Fiserv), a global provider of financial electronic commerce services and products.