Leverage Self-Service Convenience
to Grow Customer Accounts

A bank’s transaction ecosystem encompasses in-branch and digital, employee-facilitated and self-service options. Alogent provides an evolving selection of customer-facing solutions across the spectrum of deposit capture, payments processing, information management and digital account onboarding.

Perfect Package for New Account Onboarding

Digital account opening is a great way to attract new bank customers, but only if the account is funded and ready to use quickly. Alogent’s unique all-in-one package uses existing information sources and requires minimal data input, scaling the process down to under five minutes. New customers engage with your bank immediately and any customer can open a new account from a mobile device, online, in-branch or in the community.

attract new bank customers

Capture Early Deposits

Consumers and businesses demand self-service, including anytime/anywhere deposits—and Alogent offers a full range of online, mobile, and kiosk-based remote solutions. For banks, capture right at the point of presentment also saves money and avoids fraud.

Boost The Appeal of ATMs & ITMs

If you use image-enabled automated or interactive teller machines, you can boost their effectiveness by inserting one of Alogent’s deposit capture solutions. Make remote and after-hours banking a seamless part of your customers’ experience, while garnering the efficiency and fraud prevention gains of digital, paper-free automation.

Many Self-Service Options

Digital Account Opening
Digital Account Opening
Remote Deposit Capture
Remote Deposit Capture
In-Branch Self-Service Check Deposits
In-Branch Self-Service Check Deposits

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