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Tickler Tracking System

The Tickler Tracking System automates your bank’s exception tracking while delivering an affordable way to track missing and expired documents. By managing exceptions with the Tickler Tracking System, your institution can produce one letter containing a list of all exceptions, instead of an individual letter for each category.

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Document Tracking: Track all of your bank's or credit union's credit and loan documentation under one roof
Cost-Effective: Built for budget-conscious banks and credit unions looking for a scalable approach to exception tracking
Intuitive UI: Built for busy loan admins who need to streamline their tracking
Boost Productivity: Save time and streamline productivity and elevate bank profitability


For more than a decade, hundreds of community banks and credit unions have turned to Alogent for reliable document management and tracking solutions. Our Tickler Tracking System, formerly Xtria RMS, is one of several exception tracking options we can offer you. For a full tour of our solutions, request a no-obligation product demo with one of our Colorado-based staff.


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Track Loans, Exceptions, & More

The Tickler Tracking System manages loans, exceptions, and notice stages within a single platform. The system offers an intuitive customer or member dashboard, providing a “big picture” view of account holder activity. Users have the ability to keep track of items that expire at different times and have different cycles, making exceptions management easier than ever.

In addition, the Data Caddy app automatically pulls information from the core into Tickler. The system also offers a basic scanning feature. If you’re looking for a more robust document imaging platform, you might consider trying our AccuAccount system. Click here to learn more about AccuAccount.

Generate Exception Letters

Custom graphics can also be inserted into exception letters. Over 100 fonts and word processing features (bold, italics, underline, justify, centering, bullet points, etc.) can be used to maximize the impact of your message. A five-letter series may be set up for every tracked category in the Tickler Tracking System. The letters could be for financial statements, cash flow report, tax returns, hazard, flood, windstorm, aviation, commercial, earthquake, marketing letters, property tax receipts, accounts receivable, accounts payable, equipment listings, inventory listings, demand letters, customer or member appreciation letters, safe deposit box renewals, and other letter types.

Pull Supervisor Reports

The Tickler Tracking System also offers a series of integrated reporting options, yielding the most advanced tickler file tracking system on the market today.

Custom and standard exception reports can be run by: category, officer, loan type, document type, and more. Manage exceptions with just a few clicks. Gain valuable insights into your institution’s exception-related issues. Reduce the number of oversights by centralizing all of your exception reporting into a single, intuitive format.

Manage User Permissions

Our Tickler Tracking System will provide your institution the flexibility and control it needs. The system has three levels of users: inquire-only, full, and super users. Inquire-only users have view access to loan and customer information (CIF). Full users have more permissions than inquire-only; however, they are not able to purge information or create backups. Super users have admin-level access to general, loan, and CIF panels.

Improve accessibility and control with our easy-to-use bank tickler. Give your team the access they need to get more work done

Customize Your Look & Feel

The Tickler System is tailored to fit the needs of your financial institution from the content to the look and feel of the software. Users can specify color schemes and themes to fit individual personality or mood.

Our design “skins” make it possible to choose different colors. Changing themes is easy and takes just a few seconds to update.