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Partner Colorado Credit Union Expands its Use of Alogent’s Remote Deposit Solutions to Address a Growing Merchant Capture Market

Alogent, an innovator in end-to-end enterprise payment processing, content management, and digital banking solutions for financial institutions, announced today that Partner Colorado Credit Union, serving more than 32,000 members, has expanded its use of Alogent’s teller and remote deposit software to now include merchant capture. With the growing number of check deposits from the expanding cannabis industry in Colorado, members and businesses banking with Partner Colorado no longer need to visit a branch to complete a transaction, but instead can deposit a check from their storefront at any time.

“Partner Colorado is one of the few financial institutions to have a cannabis banking program to support this growing, and often unbanked industry,” said Spencer Guilford, Chief Operations Officer for Partner Colorado Credit Union. “Alogent was already a trusted partner, and expanding our collective footprint into the merchant capture space was a natural next step. With these additional capabilities, we can ensure our members have access to a convenient deposit solution so they don’t have to rely on cash or bring payments to a branch.”

Alogent’s ImagePoint solution for merchant capture enables small- to medium-sized businesses the ability to deposit checks from an office location outside of banking hours by simply using a check scanner. With the added convenience and security of transacting from their storefront, this cost-effective technology enables merchants to more easily manage their receivables.

“Alogent’s solutions are designed with our customers and their member-bases in mind,” said Jason Schwabline, Alogent’s Chief Strategy Officer. “We strive to deliver solutions that fill market gaps, which effectively make our customers more efficient and gain increased automation, allowing them to meet compliance regulations while still gaining flexibility with their deposit-channels.”

About Partner Colorado Credit Union

Established in 1931, Partner Colorado Credit Union is a member-owned not-for-profit cooperative with total assets nearing $400 million. The credit union serves more than 32,000 members throughout the Denver metro area. Partner Colorado offers a wide range of financial products and services, including checking, savings, home and auto loans. Members benefit from the advantages of a credit union, including lower interest rates on loans and higher yields on savings. Partner Colorado actively supports the community by donating funds and employee volunteer hours to many Denver Metro area organizations. For more information, visit