Alogent Releases Modernized Payments Infrastructure

Alogent Releases Modernized Payments Infrastructure that Enables Earlier Transaction Decisioning, Lower Operating Costs, and Reduced Risk for Potential Fraud Losses

Alogent announced new streamlined and cost-savings capabilities that support faster payment experiences within Alogent Payments Gateway (APG). Now with the ability to process incoming and outgoing returns within the same platform as all Day One requirements, banks and credit unions can easily modernize their payments processes and benefit from a single solution that eliminates third-party systems and disparate workflows. With faster access to transaction data and earlier reviews, institutions reduce their risk of potential fraud losses and eliminate overhead costs related to exception processing. 

“Modernizing a bank’s or credit union’s payments’ processes often requires rethinking their existing strategies and approaching them from a holistic level rather than by application,” said Jason Schwabline, Alogent’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Understanding the demand for solutions that support real-time payments and faster decisions, APG’s new unified Day One and Day Two capabilities enable institutions to remain competitive and easily add innovation to their workflows.”     

APG is an enterprise platform that allows financial institutions to process paper and image-based transactions from all points of presentment, including image assurance, validation, correction, balancing, reporting, and archiving. With a single database for all end-to-end processing, the solution eliminates the need to remove items from the workflow for further actioning. Configurable across the enterprise or on the account level, banks and credit unions realize considerable time and cost reduction benefits, improved efficiencies and streamlined image-based transaction workflows. 

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